Wireless Door Knob

Wireless Door Knob

Sturdy wireless Door Knob for interior or exterior doors (IP55/IP66), compact version available

  • Easy assembly
  • Radio integrated (868MHz)
  • With batteries (last up to 4 years)
  • RFID card reader integrated (MIFARE® DESFire®)
  • Remote controllable, IT-linkable
  • Matching profile cylinder: Order here


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Wireless Door Knob: Universally Applicable And Ingeniously Easy

The wireless Door Knob is mounted with a euro profile cylinder. It can simply be used for all conventional locks for DIN euro profiles, without great mounting efforts. Therefore, the Online Door Knob offers a low-cost access solution for new buildings as well as existing objects.

Different RFID mediums in MIFARE® DESFire® technology such as tokens or transponder cards are available as keys.

Power is supplied via two batteries (CR-2) that can only be changed or taken out with a special authorization. In time before the batteries die there will be a warning signal. However, should the batteries be completely empty, an external power supply is possible by using a Low Power Adapter so that the batteries can be changed.

Wireless Door Knob For Interior Or Exterior Doors (IP55/IP66)

For interior doors, the wireless Door Knob with protection class IP55 is sufficient. In contrast, the wireless Door Knob for exterior doors (IP66) is sealed, water-protected and weatherproof.

Wireless Compact Knob For Interior Or Exterior Doors (IP66)

The wireless Compact Knob (KXC-KN3) has a freely rotatable electronic knob on both sides (exterior reader 31,4 mm; interior reader 44 mm, fixed). The door can be unlocked from both sides by electronic authorization. The electronic structure is completely enclosed and the knob is nickel-plated in brass. The smaller knob contains only the reader electronics and an antenna with optical and acoustic signals, however, there is no power supply or coupling mechanism. Therefore it is suitable particularly for entrance doors as well.

The Compact Knob can be used for interior or exterior doors (IP66), particularly for tubular frame doors since the knob on one side is small enough to offer plenty of room to open the door even with little backset (knob size 44 x 31 mm).

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