IP Fingerprint Reader

IP Fingerprint Reader

P Wall Reader with integrated PoE splitter and illuminated touch-pin-keypad

  • 24VDC directly through the reader module
  • No additional cabling required for power supply
  • Easy access management with LDAP and AD
  • Easy assembly in outlet socket or surface housing
  • Integrates IP video if required
  • As a set with relay module or as extension reader


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Online access control with IP video integration

The IP Wall Reader enables contactfree unlocking of doors with an RFID medium or alternatively via a pin code (two-factor-authentication also possible). A StarterSet comes with an IP Wall Reader, a network relay module and three RFID tokens. This set can be combined with one additional Extension Reader (only IP Wall reader without network relay module) in order to integrate an extra door into the system. Altogether, any number of IP Wall Readers with network relay module and therefore any number of doors can be interconnected. However, each IP Wall Reader with network relay module can only integrate one additional Extension Reader, thereafter you will need another set.

The network relay module establishes the central unit with network access. It is mounted on the wall and power is supplied by PoE. The administration takes place centrally via the integrated web server, therefore, no additional software is required. Via a BUS connection, the network relay module communicates with the IP Wall Reader. The reader can easily be assembled in the outlet socket or with a housing for surface mounting (optional) in the vicinity of the door. Top feature: With the integrated PoE splitter, the door opener can be supplied with 24VDC directly through the reader module; no additional cabling is needed for the power supply. For the Extension Reader, power is also supplied via the Network Relay Module (KXP-2).

If several doors or rooms are to be integrated, the Network Relay Modules can be connected to one system with central administration via a master slave mode.

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