Clarity Cloud Network Services

Clarity Technologies offers hosted desktop, hosted server, and cloud network services to allow workers at small and mid-sized businesses to easily gain access to their applications, files, email, contacts, and calendar through a web-based portal. Your company’s entire network sits remotely in secure data centers. Workers at company headquarters, their home office, or on the road, only need Internet access to get to their files and documents. Our Cloud Network Services enable users to share data, view real-time company directories, Instant Message, and collaborate in real-time.
Real-Time Remote Access To All Your Applications, Files, Email, Contacts And Calendar Via The Clarity Cloud

With all IT services running from secure data centers, disaster recovery and business continuity become affordable to small and mid-sized businesses. Setting up new users and locations around the world can be done instantly, with training and support added as easily.

Contact us at 800-354-4160 today to see the benefits of the hosted, Cloud Network Service vs. the traditional hardware ownership or rental model. We can also compare the features and financial costs of the hosted Cloud Network Services to the traditional, non-hosted IT solution. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Clarity Cloud’s cost-effective services.

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