Connect With Clients Anywhere In The World!

Regardless of the size of your business or organization, the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently within your company as well as with the outside world is essential. At Clarity, We believe that sales must be synonymous with service. That’s how our clients know that they will get 24/7/365 day support. Our average wait for a reply to a service or support request by ticket, email, or telephone is less than ten minutes.

ALL of the systems we install include our award-winning ClarityConnect Hosted Management System. With ClarityConnect, we are in your system in a flash to make adjustments, changes, or repairs.

Major Benefits Of 3CX And Clarity VoIP
Reduced Rates:

With a VoIP PBX you can reduce your per minute phone charges as much as 70-80% for both long-distance and toll-free calls. If you have multiple office locations (or remote workers), calls between these sites are free.

Increased Productivity:

Clarity VoIP makes it practical for employees to work from anywhere. Your employees can work from home, a hotel, even the airport anywhere a broadband internet connection is available. Remote staff can utilize all of the same functionality available at the office. For example, office staff can call remote employees simply by dialing their extension and the VoIP system will find them regardless of where they are.

VoIP Phones Operate Like Traditional Phones:

or they can work with your PC to provide additional features. For example, some VoIP systems are integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook. To place a call you locate the person in your Contacts folder and click the dial icon. To transfer a call you simply press the transfer icon. Now setting up conference calls, transferring, or seeing who is on hold, are truly simple tasks.

Simplified Add-Moves-Changes:

It is no longer necessary to call a phone technician every time you add a new employee, someone moves their office, or you change an extension. These tasks can be done from your desk using web-based management software from your PC or you can simply unplug your phone and plug it in at the new location whether the new location is across the hall, or across the country.

Reduced Cabling:

Cabling costs are reduced because 3CX PBX can use the same cable for both your computer and your phone. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) you can power your phone over the network cable so you don’t have to pay an electrician to run power everywhere you need a phone. If you have a location that is difficult to cable, you can run VoIP over standard wireless (WiFi) connection.

Simplified Training:

Training staff to use a traditional phone system can be time-consuming and expensive. Simple tasks including setup of multi-party conference calls typically require pressing several special buttons on your phone, in just the right sequence. With VoIP systems, you use your computer to click on each person’s name and then the conference button you no longer have to memorize complicated key sequences.

Expensive Receptionist Phones Are No Longer Needed!

The typical VoIP phone can do everything the old receptionist phones used to do (and much more). And since everyone can use the same phone, there is no need for special training. Anyone, sitting anywhere, can be the receptionist at any time.

Learn more about 3CX and the unlimited number of business applications the Clarity can connect for your organization here.

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