What Is Radio Frequency Identification?

Better known as RFID, Radio Frequency Identification systems have been used in shopping malls, warehouses, and asset-tracking for decades. This technology, however, has not been applied nearly to the extent that Clarity Technologies Group uses its full capabilities.Clarity offers unique RFID products that work together to provide a new approach to monitoring, tracking and securing that which is most valuable. As with all of our technological services, we understand the unique logistics problems that various organizations face in designing their security systems. Clarity’s staff is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID, always in conjunction with a secure infrastructure, to properly complete these projects.

Educational Application:

Imagine the panic experienced by a four year old who thought they were going home, only to be found in a bus parking lot hours later. Imagine the feeling a parent has when their child does not get off of the bus at their designated stop (not to mention the resulting calls for the resignation of otherwise responsible school bus drivers and lawsuits filed against schools)…

The bone-chilling, real-life anecdote depicted here is the kind of mishap that Clarity’s services attempt to avoid daily. In settings full of thousands of students, staff, and personnel, it can become difficult to manually account for any given individual in any given moment. Older processes such as traditional attendance taking, “clocking-in” (and out), and even payroll can often be error-prone processes often requiring one individual to assume accountability. However, with RFID application, educational and municipal settings can become easily managed as personnel monitoring, student-tracking and attendance taking become automatic.

Time And Attendance Tracking:
Visitor Management:

Clarity’s Real-Time Vehicle Tracking:

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