Full monitoring solution with instant LTE alerting, expandable for distributed IT rooms

  • Up to 500 MultiSensors
  • Monitored threats: up to 37
  • Web server – App – Kentix360 Cloud
  • SMS – E-mail – SNMP
  • Up to 1.000 alarm receivers
  • Room monitoring up to 10.000m² / 100.000sqft


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Physical IT security with LTE alerting and 360° monitoring

With the StarterSet-PRO you will get a complete package for quick entry into the innovative monitoring technology by Kentix.

The StarterSet-PRO also all the components you need in order to monitor a server room with sizes from 20sqm to up to 10.000 sqm. With the included AlarmManager-PRO, the system can immediately be upgraded with network-compatible MultiSensors.

We recommend starting each new project with a StarterSet.

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