All-in-one MultiSensor with ZigBee radio for easy networking with AlarmManager

  • Integrated sensors: 9
  • Monitored threats: up to 20
  • Wireless (ZigBee®)
  • Connection to AlarmManager
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Integrated USV


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Wireless MultiSensor detects all major risks within one device

With the MultiSensor-RF, you get a monitoring solution for the monitoring of IT cabinets and server rooms that detects a variety of physical threats all in just one device. The MultiSensor-RF is operated in connection with an AlarmManager (or StarterSet). The collected sensor data are transmitted by radio (ZigBee ®) to the AlarmManager. In addition, the MultiSensor-RF has a built-in UPS and is enabled to detect power failures and sabotage.

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