The ingeniously easy smart access control system with video recording function

  • Wireless Door Knob with radio
  • AccessPoint with PoE
  • Web server – App – Kentix360 Cloud
  • E-mail – SNMP
  • Easy assembly
  • Must order extra: Profile cylinder


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StarterSet-DoorLock – for an easy start to your online access control system

The StarterSet-DoorLock contains all components that you need in order to make your first door online-compatible and to lay the foundation for an entire online access system. A StarterSet enables the administration of access authorization for up to 16 doors. Upgrading the system to include additional doors is possible at any time. With up to 999 interconnectable AccessManager, you quickly and easily set up small as well as large access systems. With more than 15.000 interconnectable doors and 5.000 users, there are barely any limitations for future expansions.

Important: Please order your according profile cylinder KXC-80/140 to be able to set up the included Door Knob.

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