IP Frame reader DoorLock-WA-IP

IP Frame reader DoorLock-WA-IP

IP frame reader with RFID reader and illuminated PIN keyboard

  • 24VDC directly from the reader module
  • No additional cables required
  • Simple access management with LDAP and AD
  • Mounting in switch box or surface-mounted housing
  • Integrates IP video if required
  • In set with relay module or as extension reader


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The frame reader is suitable e.g. for electric door openers, electric locks, electric door and gate drives or elevators. All electronics are located on a compact unit that can be easily mounted. Due to its compact design, the reader is particularly suitable for use with narrow metal profiles. Locking authorizations can be assigned from a central location and accessed at exposed, remote locations.

The network relay module forms the central unit with network connection. It is mounted on the wall and supplied with power via PoE. The administration takes place centrally through the integrated web server; additional software is not required. The network relay module communicates with the IP wall reader via a BUS connection. This can be easily mounted in the switch box or with a surface-mounted housing (optional) in the door area. Practical: With the integrated PoE splitter, the door lock or door opener can be supplied with 24VDC directly from the reader module. This means that no further cables are required for power supply. The extension reader is also powered directly via the network relay module (KXP-2).

If several doors or additional rooms are to be integrated, the network relay modules can be connected by a master-slave mode to a system with central management.

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