$ 29.99 per month per trunk*

Clarity Voice call channels allow two calls per trunk which is double the industry average (exception: older analog-based systems). If your expected maximum for concurrent calls is sixteen (16), with Clarity Voice you only have to sign up for eight (8) SIP trunks as eight (8) SIP trunks give you a call capacity of sixteen (16) concurrent calls. With Clarity Voice, you can add more trunks as your business grows! In order to cover every possible scenario, if required, a gateway device can be installed to help non-SIP equipped phone systems connect to Clarity’s SIP trunk service. When a gateway device is needed, SIP trunks will need to be purchased in six trunk increments or blocks of six trunks. We can hand off SIP trunks either to a PRI or analog connection, so you don’t have to retire your phone systems if you are not ready to do so.

No of Sim. Calls STD PRO ENT
No of Sim. Calls  Standard  Pro  Enterprise 
16 $1,086 $1,793 $2,173
32 $2,461 $4,062 $4,932
64 $4,936 $8,146 $9,873
128 $9,611 $15,895 $19,223
256 $19,236 $31,741 $38,473
512 $30,236 $49,891 $60,473
1024 $54,986 $90,728 $109,973

You can upgrade your PBX at any point by paying the price difference and without reinstalling.

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