Who We Are

Founded by Bruce Kreeger, a 40 year IT and Security veteran, Clarity Technologies Group’s mission is to help small to medium businesses (SMB) and government entities manage and maintain its computer infrastructure, telephone systems, security, and networks. Visit us at https://23-92-17-213.ip.linodeusercontent.com/

Mobile Development

Mobile Technology For Your Business

The debate that which one is the best mobile application development technology among Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web is now getting exclusive. However, one satisfactory answer is that it depends on the situation that what type of application you want to develop because each technology has its own pros and cons.

Web Development

Your Startup Company Vs Social Media

Understanding Social Media Influence is essential for entrepreneurs when shaping their social media strategy for companies in the early stages. Startup owners, senior management, advisors, and investors are all part of the voice of the startup, and even more so in the early stages of the new company.

3CX Hosted Phone

Productive Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings will be part of life for every leader at some point or another. And we’d be wise to approach these interactions strategically. we’ve learned a few tricks from our own experience and research that have proved helpful to us at clarity, and that we hope will work for you.


Tech DevOps

DevOps came into being in the IT sector when the organizations implementing it realized they could accomplish projects more effectively when the development and operations teams collaborated and communicated with each other instead of working in a silo-type environment.

Watchguard Firewall

Watchguard Firewall

WatchGuard, formally known as WatchGuard Technologies, Inc is a network security vendor. Its products are designed to protect computer networks from outside threats such as malware and ransomware.


Choose MOBOTIX For Your Business

Our mission statement to go ‘Beyond Human Vision’ is the heart of a philosophy that recognizes that video surveillance is part of a wider potential with MOBOTIX.

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