Scammers and fraudsters commonly use caller ID spoofing to trick people into answering their calls. It involves falsifying the caller ID information to make it appear that the call is coming from a legitimate source, such as a government agency or a bank.

The FCC and the telecommunications industry have developed STIR/SHAKEN technology to combat this problem. STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using tokens) allow service providers to verify the authenticity of a caller ID.

STIR/SHAKEN verifies the calling party’s identity using digital certificates. When a call is made, the originating service provider uses a private key to sign the calling party’s phone number, which is then transmitted to the terminating service provider along with the call. The terminating service provider then uses the originating service provider’s public key to verify the signature and ensure that the calling party’s phone number has not been spoofed.

If the call is verified, the terminating service provider can display a “verified” label on the caller ID, giving the recipient greater confidence that the call is genuine. If the call is not verified, the recipient can be warned that the call may be fraudulent.

STIR/SHAKEN is now a regulatory requirement in the United States and other countries to combat illegal robocalls and caller ID spoofing. As a result, many IP phone providers have started been incorporating STIR/SHAKEN technology into their services.

IP phones are a type of phone that uses the internet to transmit voice and other forms of data. Businesses commonly use them to make and receive calls, as they offer more flexibility in terms of location and device usage.

By incorporating STIR/SHAKEN technology into their products, IP phone providers can offer greater security and trustworthiness to their customers. Businesses can be confident that the calls they receive are genuine and that scammers or fraudsters are not targeting them.

STIR/SHAKEN technology also offers a range of benefits to businesses, such as:

  1. Improved customer trust: By displaying a “verified” label on the caller ID, businesses can improve customer trust and satisfaction, as they can be confident that the calls they receive are genuine.
  2. Increased efficiency: Businesses can improve their efficiency and productivity by reducing the number of fraudulent calls received. They do not have to spend as much time dealing with scams and frauds.
  3. Compliance with regulations: STIR/SHAKEN technology is now a regulatory requirement in many countries, including the United States. By incorporating this technology into their products, IP phone providers can ensure that their customers comply with these regulations.

In conclusion, STIR/SHAKEN technology is an essential development in the telecommunications industry, particularly for IP phone providers. By incorporating this technology into their products, they can offer their customers greater security and trustworthiness, improving their efficiency and compliance with regulations.

Clarity customers who purchase numbers from Clarity should expect to receive an A attestation. If a Clarity customer uses a number, not on the Clarity portal, the customer will be assigned a B attestation. Clarity customers with HVSD (high volume short duration) traffic can also expect a B attestation.

Customers who want to increase their attestation to an A attestation should consider porting their numbers to Clarity Voice.

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