By: Bruce Kreeger

The perfect local video surveillance solution with the ability to connect to as many as Sixteen professional network cameras.

An Unbeatable Team

Clarity Technologies Group (Clarity) and Mobotix have teamed up to offer a fantastic alternative to the average run-of-the-mill NVR (Network Video Recorder) with average security cameras.

With its centrally managed MOBOTIX MOVE cameras in combination with the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR, MOBOTIX now offers an efficient plug-and-play complete solution that’s easy to use and perfect for local video surveillance systems with a limited number of cameras.

Numerous Uses

As a compact end-to-end video solution, MOBOTIX MOVE is recommended for all kinds of security applications. In addition to live videos and playback videos at resolutions of up to Full HD and including sound, all other video analysis functions of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can be used, such as video motion detection, periodic recording, noise alert, tamper alert, signal via external input, and manual triggering.

Connecting a camera to the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR with an integrated PoE switch couldn’t be easier, and no additional training is needed for everyday use. There are no further costs to pay once the system is installed, even for future software updates. There are no license fees either. Separating the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR camera network from, as recommended, the rest of the company network (i.e., using it as a standalone system) keeps the video system safe from cyberattacks.

Premium MOBOTIX MOVE Cameras

The MOBOTIX MOVE camera series has different specifications: PTZ SpeedDome cameras, bullet cameras, and dome cameras. Depending on the model, these premium weatherproof IP cameras offer top-of-the-range features such as a maximum resolution of four megapixels, integrated infrared illumination, automatic day/night switchover, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), or motorized one-push autofocus and high-speed PTZ.

MOBOTIX MOVE NVR All-in-one Devices With Eight or Sixteen Channels

MOBOTIX MOVE NVR is available in two different desktop versions (optional 19″ rack-mounting kit available): one with eight and one with sixteen video channels and PoE ports. This allows as many as eight or sixteen MOBOTIX MOVE PoE cameras to be connected directly to each other and supplied with power simultaneously. It’s also possible to connect four or eight externally powered cameras to the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR 8CH or 16CH, respectively. This means that even cameras that are physically further away (for example, in an adjacent building) can be connected to the MOVE NVR’s LAN port via an additional PoE switch, with only one network connection cable.

Preinstalled on Every NVR: Free Video Management Software

Thanks to the system’s video management software (incl. virtual joystick and integrated site plans), which is highly intuitive to use, specially tailored to MOBOTIX MOVE cameras, and built directly into the device firmware, plus the ability to directly connect up to two high-resolution displays, a keyboard, mouse, and joystick. A single MOBOTIX MOVE NVR can replace an entire video workstation PC.

You can view our live Mobotix Move PTZ Camera at . This camera is located at our headquarters at 1347 US Highway 46, Ledgewood, NJ 07852. You can also view this camera and more features on our YouTube channel at

Clarity is proud to be a Mobotix Gold Partner serving the Americas with installations as large as one thousand cameras and as small as two. System survey, design, installation, and implementation are Clarity’s strengths in the marketplace. Coupled with utilizing our support teams from the edge and having a structured cabling division, has helped Clarity stand out in security, transportation, retail, and industrial application areas.


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