New Windows Desktop App Optimized for Speed

By Stefan Walther, CEO, 3CX

The final update for the Windows Desktop App is now available. Identical to the Web Client, it brings a faster interface and improved call management.

The Desktop App has the same identical interface layout as the Web Client. Requiring no new learning, existing Web Client users can easily switch between the two, making navigation simple and familiar.

Manage calls through Hotkeys & Headsets

The Desktop App includes hotkeys enabling users to set up personalized shortcuts to allow quick navigation and call handling. To further aid simple call management, the new Yealink headset integration among others, allows users to answer, reject, mute and place the caller on hold, all from the headset button.

Fixes and improvements

Improved opening speed of the dialer when a phone number is clicked via a website or CRM contact.

Fixed application crash when custom contact integration URL is enabled.

Fixed issue of the installed executable (.exe) file not being “Signed”.

Fixed Jabra Headset integration not answering calls after some interactions.

Fixed DTMF tones not being played on the selected audio device.

How to update Windows Desktop App

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To obtain the Final release for the Windows Desktop App, follow these steps:

Log in to the 3CX Management Console as an Administrator

Navigate to “Updates

Expand the 3CX Apps section and select Windows Desktop App

Once completed, all clients connected to the PBX will automatically be updated in the background. Users will then receive a notification to restart their application for the update to take place.

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