Why Mobile eCommerce Is The Future Of eCommerce

By: Bruce. G Kreeger

Commerce has been on the market for quite some time now, and it is growing exponentially. During the height of the pandemic, eCommerce has dominated, and many consumers are buying online. A survey shows that over two-thirds of the global population owns a mobile device. If you’re planning to do any eCommerce business, consider building your mobile application. The survey indicates that mobile eCommerce appears to be and will be the Future of eCommerce. The following are some reasons:

● Most of all, customers own mobile devices.

● Mobile Commerce market share is increasing.

● Many customers already do mobile shopping.

● Mobile ads have higher CTRs than those on desktops.

● Mobile search leads are more likely to result in action.

● Mobile apps are more likely to drive engagement.

● It’s easier to leverage social media marketing in mobile eCmmerce.

● You’ll have a more substantial chance of building customer loyalty.

● Digital wallets can simplify the payment process.

● You can gain valuable insight into your consumers.

● It offers you the scalability to grow.

● It’s COVID-safe

● Capture omni-channel shoppers

Following Are The Types Of Mobile eCommerce Applications:

●    Mobile payment apps

●    Mobile commerce apps

●    Social commerce

●    QR codes

Difference Between eCommerce And Mobile eCommerce?

Traditionally, customers purchase products online through a desktop or laptop. Mobile eCommerce is different from the eCommerce web user experience: purchasing the product from a smartphone. e-Commerce vendors either need a mobile-responsive website or a mobile app that customers can download and buy from while using.

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