3CX V18 Beta 1 – Gearing up for release
By: Nick Galea, 3CX CTO, and Founder

V18 is feature complete! The latest and possibly last beta has an improved web client / Windows app and Microsoft Teams integration.

New web client interface with BLF support

We’ve consolidated the menu options on the left-hand side of the web client and desktop app, adding labels to make the functionality of each item clearer. Contacts, Voicemail, Recordings, and Settings are now located in the “More” menu list.  

The 3CX dialer now includes a BLF menu which works just like BLF buttons on an IP Phone. Monitor who is available, transfer or park calls or speed dial your most commonly dialed extensions.

Microsoft Teams Integration

3CX now natively supports Microsoft Teams. With our Teams integration, Teams users can dial 3CX users and vice versa. Teams users can dial out via 3CX and leverage 3CX’s extensive SIP trunk provider support. You can now save on costly MS365 calling plans

More importantly, 3CX PBX features are far more advanced than Teams phone system features, and they are much easier to configure also. To configure, follow our Microsoft Teams Business Voice configuration guide, which includes a simple four-step process. 

Other features and improvements

• Ability to send emails from 3CX by utilizing Microsoft 365 Integration

• Improved chat handling to Add/removes chats, transfers, and forwarding images.

• Updated Welcome Email.

To note upon update

• Deprecated Mail Server selection for Office365, Outlook, and Gmail: These will be set as Custom SMTP on backup and restore.

• PBX with Bridge configuration: If you are using bridges to communicate between one PBX and another, both PBXs must be running on the exact same V18 version.

Known issues

Known issues in this Beta version, to be fixed in the next update:

• “Record External calls only” enabled in extension settings could lead to no audio if the trunk is configured without the option “PBX Delivers Audio Enabled.”

• Transferring from Teams to another Team’s user leads to an error response 403 Forbidden.

How to get V18 Beta

Try out V18 Beta for Linux 3CX V18 on Debian 10 ISO. You can also upgrade from V18 Beta in the management console. Alternatively, you can create a new, hosted trial account.

V16 users can get V18 Beta by upgrading their OS.


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