Version 18 Alpha 5* – The New Version 18 Desktop App
By: Nick Galea, 3CX CTO & Founder

Alpha 5 is available now with an all-new Windows Desktop App, eliminating the need for the Browser Extension (for Chrome or Edge). 3CX has packaged the web client as a native Windows app using the same Electron framework used by Teams and Whatsapp, to give you a more reliable user experience on the desktop.

Easily accessible, you can choose to keep the desktop app visible on the side of your screen. And you can simply answer a call from the page you are working on, without having to switch between apps. The dialer is included as a separate window to leave your workspace uninterrupted during use, avoiding distractions while chatting, conferencing or using any other business apps.

Installing the App

To install simply click on the Windows icon located in the web client’s left-hand side menu and follow the steps that appear. Ensure you remove the Browser Extension before installing.

Improved live chat & CRM integration

Agents can now offer customers even better service with contact lookup and chat journaling for live chat and SMS.

Easily retrieve contact information from the CRM system based on the email address or phone number.

With chat journaling enabled, transcripts will be automatically saved to the CRM on chat “dealt with.”

Remotely update SBCs

You can now update all SBCs via the Instance Manager in just a few clicks. This allows for updates to be received for connected SBCs, which can then be triggered via the tunnel. A great way to manage remote systems!

Other fixes & improvements

Added MMS support for Telnyx, Twilio and Flowroute so that users can now send multimedia files by text message.

Ability to clean up all generated reports and faxes.

How to get V18 Alpha 5

Try out V18 Alpha 5 for Linux 3CX V18 on Debian 10 ISO. You can also upgrade from V18 Alpha 4 in the management console. V16 users can get V18 Alpha 5 by upgrading their OS.

*Clarity Note:

The alpha version of a software product is an early pre-release version that is part of a dedicated testing process. Most software products move through a multi-step process before being released to the public. An alpha version is part of that system for developing efficient, accurate, and bug-free software programs.


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