Five Reasons Why Apps are Better
By: Bruce G. Kreeger

As technology advances daily, people are shifting from desktops and laptops to smartphones. More than half of the internet users are on a cellphone rather than browsing on the web.

A cellphone is portable and, in many ways, more comfortable to use, which helps the user navigate with it for all their needs.

While designing an app, one needs to focus on the user experience and optimization of the app. An app with bugs is a curse with a chug.

The following reasons are favorable in this regard:

Ease Of Sending Notifications:

To get connected with a new or existing customer is the desire and need of every business. It would help if you were getting notified; either in-app or pop-up plays a vital role in engaging the customers to utilize your application and keep them informed about services that offer promotions.

Making Use Of Mobile Device Features:

The right mobile app can assist your customers in using their built-in mobile features such as the camera, GPS, contacts, etc.

These features help to increase a more friendly environment for users with lesser effort.

Ability To Work Offline:

An essential feature of many mobile apps over websites is offline usability. Mobile apps can work offline as well as with internet connectivity. Having an offline content availability feature helps the customer check the app, take notes, check prices, or whatever assistance can come from the content.

Faster Than Websites:

Most often, apps are faster than websites in terms of user accessibility. They can store data, user preferences, login details more efficiently and faster rather than on websites. While analyzing store preferences, we can exhibit more exciting data for the user to generate successful leads.

Users Spend More Time On Apps

People spend more time on a cellphone rather than on any gadget. Research shows that more, mobile users spend more time on apps than on websites as they are easily navigational with advanced gestures like ‘tap,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘drag,’ ‘pinch, ‘ ‘ hold,’ ‘hold,’ and more.


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