What is a CRM and Its Benefits

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system is software used to build a bridge between the customer and the brand/retailer/company. It helps you to contact your customer on fingertips immediately when needed and have all their information aligned to use when necessary.

These traditional functions of a CRM system, then, might include:
• File and content sharing
• Sales forecasting
• Instant messaging between employees and customers
• Email integration
• Dashboard based analytics

7 Benefits of Integrating eCommerce and CRM Systems
Improve customer experience:

Integration of eCommerce and CRM systems helps the owner in multiple ways. By providing them email notifications or a dashboard regarding order tracking shipment it allows the customer to feel secure and have trust in ordering through your channel which later helps in a repeat customer for your new products.

Enhanced Marketing and Promotion:

CRM offers a single platform for multiple services offering customer service till promotion and marketing of products. After gathering customer data, it’s easy to plan and execute your marketing strategies according to your customer intents. More traffic= more sales.

Better Inventory Planning and Forecasting:

With the use of CRM, you can quickly identify top-selling and most popular products on your dashboard and plan your manufacturing/sourcing of merchandise accordingly to keep your inventory updated and save you from going out of stock.

Drive Services After Sale:

When a customer is ordering online, he trusts your brand your shop over million, so providing after-sales service should be a must. Through CRM, it is easy for the customer and the owner to address any issue before any mishap. Accepting no question return and providing after-sales service enables the customer to knock you again without a second thought.

Minimize Losses and Costs:

Without a CRM, it would be complicated to update product data by editing every field manually. There is a chance of human error, resulting in ill management of your store with mistakes in pictures and product details. Moreover, it highly affects the impression on customers, which may turn into sales even after tons of marketing and goodwill.

Better Analytics and Monitoring:

You can easily monitor your shop analytics sales history, top-selling products, and much more with easy navigation and a dashboard. In addition, you can get routine summary reports of sales figures or sales performance periodically.

Improve Your Competitive Edge:

Automated workflows for repetitive tasks increase efficiency as well as speed. Steps from taking order till delivering and after-sales service within due time frame enable you to stand in the market with competition from other stores within the same niche.


Zoho CRM is a cloud-based, integrated customer relationship management platform that caters to the needs of businesses and industries of all sizes and types.

Key feature:

It has its AI assistant Zia which provides advance solutions and helps in communicating for problems efficiently within due time. The price ranges from $0-$50 with priceless features starting from data customization with more storage to store your data.


It is suitable for an individual or a small business owner providing data storage facilities and easy-going email marketing. All its features are easily accessible under the price of $25 per month.

Key feature:

Act is popular due to its swiftness and rapid synchronization. Act provides the facility to store changes offline and run things in a single touch. It can easily be integrated with other social platforms to engage customers and provide offers.

Microsoft Dynamics:

After successful Approaches of other CRMs in the market, Microsoft’s entry was mandatory in it. Their CRM has a price tag of $95 and highly justified with this high price. Features covered are from personalized email marketing to increase sales.

Hub spot:

Hubspot is pocket-friendly for small retailers as it offers a free plan with maximum possible features. In addition, it helps in managing customer data and allows you to track customer interaction on your website.

For more advanced features, you can get Hub Spot Pro at $50.

Key feature:

Using the CRM system, businesses can automatically track customer interactions through email, social media, live chat, or phone calls. Every interaction is stored in a timeline organized by the lead.


Maximizer comes with the dual feature of deployment on a computer as well as cloud.

It can easily be integrated with social apps as well as Microsoft products.
It cost you around $29 per month.

Key features

It helps with easy targeting of customers and filtering them for other marketing campaigns and newsletters. In addition, sales forecasting on dashboards allows you to look at the reports of your sales quickly.


Every business needs a CRM order to maintain high-quality services with easy navigations, which later helps build loyalty and customer relations on a long-term basis.

Now, after knowing how CRM works, you can quickly analyze your business and find the best possible fit among all these CRMs without any confusions.


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