When cloud-based apps, services and software go down, or when Windows 10 flakes out, it is good to know where to get reliable information about what is happening

By: Bruce G. Kreeger
Microsoft 365’s hosted email recently had an issue where it filtered out proper email, wrongly designating it as junk mail. While the problem was remedied quickly, it highlighted something important: with cloud services so prevalent now, you need to know just who to blame when a problem occurs. If a cloud service is down, how can you determine whether the issue is with it — or with you?

There are actually a variety of ways to figure out what’s going on. Here’s my rundown of how to do just that, from what should be obvious to lesser-known techniques and resources.

Let’s start with something simple: issues with a website. The most obvious way to check whether a site is down through a third-party service.

If a third party like or Downdetector indicates a site is having issues, you know the problem is not about your access — everyone is likely affected. That means your Internet connection isn’t broken, your router doesn’t need to be rebooted, and you can skip all those things you do when you think the problem is with your computer system.

Service interruptions are frustrating and inconvenient. Downdetector provides a convenient way for users to check on a service’s status and see if they’re experiencing a widespread issue and see what the community is saying about a service. For companies, Downdetector’s user-generated data offers a holistic view of what users are reporting and determines the root cause of user-perceived outages. To get real-time information on your favorite services, visit your country’s Downdetector website or follow Downdetector on Twitter or Facebook.

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