Cloud Tech Stack for Remote Working Part 2

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

Collaboration and Work Management Apps

In addition to communication software, management, and collaboration apps help remote employees work together to efficiently complete business tasks. These apps meet a variety of use cases, which we’ll break down here: 

Calendar Apps

While working outside of an office environment, a remote worker can benefit from a calendar app to track their workday. The remote worker can schedule the time and date of upcoming meetings and conference calls and block off time when the remote employee leaves work early or goes to a doctor’s appointment. The worker can also make their calendar available to her remote work colleagues to see the availability on a day-by-day basis.

Apps to Consider: 

  1. Microsoft Outlook Calendar 
  2. Google Calendar 

Collaboration Apps 

When brainstorming sessions in a physical conference room are not an option, give your staff virtual ways to collaborate. Business collaboration apps enable remote workers to collaborate with teammates on work-related documents such as slide presentations, reports, and sales collateral. A staff member can create these documents in the cloud and share them with his colleagues. Those colleagues can then leave comments or make edits in real-time. 

Apps to Consider: 

  1. Microsoft Office 365 
  2. G Suite  

Work and or Project Management Apps 

For a comprehensive overview of what each employee is working on and how to keep track of the progress that teammates have made on specific work projects, consider setting up a work management application. These apps let you assign tasks to colleagues, where they can link to particular documents, provide status updates, and even offer support to coworkers when a job is completed. With a work management app, you’ll precisely know what is on each person’s plate while working from home. 

Apps to Consider: 

  1. Asana 
  2. Basecamp 
  3. Work zone 
  4. Planner 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Apps 

CRM software is a central part of the sales and customer support representatives’ workdays. Once in a CRM application, a rep can pull up a customer’s contact record, create a support ticket whenever a customer calls in for assistance, and jot down in that ticket both private notes for teammates and public updates sent to the customer. The rep can also access tickets that coworkers have created. With CRM software on hand, your remote working reps will continue to provide outstanding customer support without skipping a beat. 

Apps to Consider: 

  1. HubSpot 
  2. Salesforce 
  3. SugarCRM 
  4. Zendesk 

Password Management Apps 

You and your dispersed colleagues will have many cloud tech apps to keep track of, so you all must use unique and strong passwords to ensure those apps are secured. A password manager helps you generate hard-to-crack passwords for all of the apps that you use. It even stores each app’s username and password combination for you in a virtual vault. All you need to do is remember one primary “master” password that logs into the system manager itself. 

Apps to Consider: 

  1. 1Password 
  2. Dash lane 
  3. LastPass

Create Your Own Remote Work Cloud Tech Stack That Meets Your Business’s Needs

We’ve certainly presented many different business apps for many other use cases here! Your business likely won’t need an app in each of the above categories; some apps may overlap in functionality, and you can mix and match them based on your company’s budget and your employees’ requirements. But whichever apps you include in your cloud tech stack, know that you’re empowering your remote workers to be as productive and efficient as if they were sitting at their desks in the office.

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