Choose only Watchguard, Why?

By: Bruce G. Kreeger


Its the era of securing web traffic through encryption. A study estimates that by the end of 2020, 75% of all web traffic will be encrypted. Securing web traffic has been the primary concern for almost every organization. This concern has made them to adopt to HTTPS for enhanced security. But the question is: Is encryption enough to prevent malware attacks? Lets find out below.

Problems with the traditional ones:

Hackers have found ways to use encrypted traffic to harm the websites which means that even your encrypted traffic needs an inspection. 

Old firewalls cannot inspect encrypted traffic; hence this leaves the possibility for an attack. Traditional methods demand decryption of both an inbound and an outbound SSL-encrypted traffic before its inspection. The process of re-encryption and re-encapsulation follows it. Even though this process happens in seconds, it still leaves room for an attack in between. 

We fill all the gaps:

Many organizations have moved to encrypted web traffic, but encryption is still not utterly prone to attacks (as mentioned above). Therefore this becomes a burden on the firewall as an SSL-based attack requires 15 times more resources from the serverside than the clientside. Hence, the countermeasures for an SSL-based attack are critical and need to cope with the organization’s performance requirements.

The program that provides our products, services, and combined knowledge to qualifying academic institutions is WatchGuard Initiative for Security Education program. It includes: 

  • WatchGuard Firebox 
  • Auth-Point 
  • Secure Wi-Fi 

Reasons why you must shift from any other firewalls to the modern Watchguard firewall, are:

1. Adequate Security for encrypted traffic:

You do not need to turn off any security service while Watchguard scans your encrypted traffic. There is no tradeoff between Security and performance with us. You can keep all the security services running while Watchguard keeps a watch for your safety. 


2. One License: Unending offerings:

You only need one license and one appliance to get all the security services working for you. It could be our advanced services like intelligent AV and DNSWatch or basic URL filtering and spam prevention. We are the name of reliance for your upcoming days as well. 


3. Transparency at its peak: 

Look into all the happenings of threats in your systems yourself. Watchguard doesnt hide anything from you and is open for all the reports and management being seen and done by one. Its your system, its your right.

4. We deal with your email threats: 

WatchGuards Total Security Suite is your guard against phishing and spam.  

5. Low Price: Unending Benefits:

Unlike other appliances, WatchGuard provides the lowest prices per protected Mb per second. WatchGuard provides full UTM services and the prices are as low as 1/5th of other firewalls. So why wait? Get the best offer of the best firewall available.

Clarity is proud to have been providing Network Security Services and Firewall Systems to the Americas for many years , including clients Worldwide offering our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.


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