Faster, Easier, and Lighter 3CX Webmeeting

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

3CX WebMeeting’s usability and user-friendliness has reached up to new heights improving remote working states just when you need it most! This latest update to the WebMeeting client restores order and control with a better User Interface to facilitate multi-person meetings as well as re-engineering moderation controls for improved meeting management. It is now easier to join a conference through an iOS device, we’ve made massive updates to the CPU and bandwidth utilization to make WebMeeting more lightweight on your hardware.

Control Who Speaks When:

A dedicated audio indicator is now displayed in each member’s video tile based on browser support to provide more control to the manager and live feedback to all participants. To evade unnecessary interruptions and having everyone talking on top of each other.

organizers can:

  1. Mute / Unmute each member’s audio input directly from their video frame.
  2. Decouple audio and video input control while disabling video input no longer also disables the member’s microphone.

Make Most of Your Bandwidth:

The new update applies optimizations on bandwidth and CPU load to minimize the strain imposed on each individual member’s hardware and internet connection. This is especially beneficial for larger meetings that now need minimum bandwidth and computing resources.

Tidying-Up Meeting Space:

Participants now get a constant unified grid layout, particularly important when multiple users connect to a meeting using different video / webcam devices. This helps create more tidy meeting workspace for the organizer and the members from the get-go.

While sharing content like screens, documents or polls, all member’s video streams are now shown in their own tiles on the left-hand side. This implies a more content-focused collaboration environment without obtrusions from the member’s video feeds.

One-tap Conference

iOS App users can now directly connect to a meeting just by clicking on the “3cx.net” web meeting link received. If an iOS user does not have the app in his phone, a page is shown with directive information on how to install the app. This approach will be put in to an upcoming WebMeeting App for Android release.

Simply log in to WebMeeting to get all these features in your next conference and stay tuned for more updates.

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