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By: Bruce G. Kreeger
First of all, you will need to find a niche and find some items to promote. There are two main ways to find an Affiliate Marketing niche.

Let’s review them one by one:

The First Way to Find a Niche is:

The first and foremost way is to follow your interests or your passions. There are usually affiliate programs in anything and everything. You will struggle to find any active niches out there that do not have some affiliate programs.
But failing that, there’s always AMAZON ASSOCIATES, which is AMAZON’S affiliate program. Yep, you can promote any stock on Amazon without even stocking it! Amazon associates are where Amazon pays you to send them sales. It is usually a low single-digit percentage, and it is why we tend to AVOID promoting Amazon Associates. But on the plus side, they convert super well, and they sell a few high ticket items too. When you hear that it is only 4% of the sales, it might not sound great, but it can add something attractive if it is a $1,000 product.
So that you get paid for every purchase your funneled traffic makes during that 24-hour window! Amazing, no? If you tag a customer with an affiliate link just before Black Friday, when they often spend thousands buying presents for all their family in one single day, you can earn BIG money!
How do you tag them? There are tons of ways, but here’s a nice simple one for you! Create a shortlist of BEST BLACK FRIDAY DEAL products that are absolute bargains (with your affiliate links). And then post your list anywhere where people are (making sure to be respectful of any rules – mind you). For example, maybe you are in some non-marketing Facebook groups filled with parents about whatever topic; well, they will likely be big spenders on Black Friday and would love a list of bargains. You are doing them a massive favor because you show them the best deals saving them time, effort and it costs them no more to purchase. Here is the most excellent bit, they don’t even have to buy anything on your list for you to make big commissions. Because of the 24 hour cookie that’s stored on their computer by them clicking ANY SINGLE one of your links, you will get PAID ON ALL THE PURCHASES THEY MAKE during Black Friday! Now, doesn’t that sound lucrative yet easy?!
I still don’t recommend for you promote Amazon’s affiliate program in most cases because the 24-hour cookie is too short, and you need a lot of traffic to make any real money from the Amazon affiliate program.
I like to promote offers that pay NO LESS than 30% commissions, and usually, I would expect 50%+. But please don’t think these are hard to find; they aren’t. They are SUPER EASY! They are EVERYWHERE!
  • Software tools often pay 20-50% recurring
  • Many supplement companies pay 30%-50%
  • Tons of Digital Products (online courses etc.) pay 50%
We are not talking 50% or $10, and we are talking product price points from anywhere from $50 up to $5,000 here. Fifty percent of a payment of $995 product is so lovely. You do the math.
The craziest thing is, it is just as easy to sell high ticket products as it is the low ticket. So, tend to stick to recurring or HIGH commission offers and avoid low-paying physical product commissions. The point is there is a product to promote WHATEVER niche you are in!

The SECOND way to find a niche is to FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Let’s call it sniffing signs of success. There are many Affiliate Marketing Directories out there where you can find great offers, and you can find out how well they pay.
Here’s a couple that you can use, and they are highly trusted ones too (but there are tons more if you dig even more profound). You get paid on time every time!
CLICKBANK MARKETPLACE – This is where you will find tons of DIGITAL PRODUCTS for sale that you can promote. And CLICKBANK tracks the sales and pays you the commissions directly, so rest assured you won’t get screwed over by dodgy merchants.
The downside is, some of the products on there are pretty awful, so be careful what you promote if integrity is important to you (and it should be, for long-term success).
In their directory, you can sort offers by GRAVITY and the amount they payout. The HIGHER gravity ones are the ones that tend to be sending the most sales for affiliates. This can be both good and bad depending on your viewpoint on saturation, but High Gravity means a) it sells well b) there’s demand out there.
SHAREASALE is an affiliate directory for tons of different merchants. Some huge names that you will have heard of are on Shareasale like GRAMMARLY and REEBOK. There are hundreds of offers on there that you can promote, and like Clickbank, Shareasale also tracks the sales and makes the payments, so you can’t get screwed over.
The downside is that the merchant has to accept you first before you can promote it, so you may have to jump through a couple of hoops (or get creative) to be accepted into their programs. Still, these are big brands, so you can expect that they have to make sure they only work with reputable affiliates that will promote them responsibly and not spam their links or anything crazy like that.
If you are still struggling to find something good to promote, you can always use GOOGLE! And you will find some great offers in absolutely any niche. GOOGLE the words “[NICHE] affiliates,” and BAM, there they all are! It is one of my FAVORITE ways to find affiliate offers. 🙂
Hopefully, you have a good idea of how to find products to promote – it is super easy, and as you will probably have noticed, Affiliate Marketing is Big Business. The most important sites and best brands in the world DO AFFILIATE MARKETING, and you can tap into their success and get your piece of the pie.
And for Amazon FBA PL sellers, it is not just passive income, and it is something you can build your PL brand on!
Now tell us you are not already loving Affiliate Marketing.

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