A Modern File Explorer Is Now Available, But It’s Not From Microsoft

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

Files is a modern take on the file explorer that works well with touch and a mouse and keyboard.

Source: Windows Central

Files, a third-party file explorer, is now available through the Microsoft Store. The app aims to deliver a file explorer experience that’s more in line with modern devices and Windows 10. It features a tabbed layout, fluent design, and several features for everyday use. The app is available for free through the Microsoft Store.

Yair Eichenbaum, the developer behind Files, announced the availability of the app in January 2021.

Here’s everything that’s new with v1.0 of the app, as found in its GitHub release notes:

Enabled search inside of hidden directories

Added an option to search unindexed items

Drive Widget details are now hidden when they are not available

Allow different layout modes and sort directions for individual directories

Implemented a dual-pane feature

This app is a modern take on the Windows file explorer. You can navigate to file locations with a mouse and keyboard or touch, and the app looks more natural on Windows 10 than the default File Explorer. Eichenbaum admits the app isn’t a full replacement for the native Windows 10 File Explorer, but some people might be able to swap over. I use it for specific tasks on my PC and use it more when I’m on a tablet due to its touch-friendly interface.

This modern file explorer has tabs, a gorgeous design, and is touch and mouse-friendly.

A great way to manage your files

One of our favorite features in Files is its ability to handle OneDrive files. Like with the native File Explorer, you can select which OneDrive files are stored locally or free up space by having them only appear on the cloud.

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