Protect Your Firewall From Outside Influence And Attack

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

April 6, 2021 Authentication Attack Against Firebox Web Management

WatchGuard has been made aware of an ongoing authentication attack against Firebox web management interfaces exposed to the internet. While we are still researching this incident, WatchGuard Firebox administrators should immediately make sure they follow the best practices listed below to mitigate the threat:

Configure your Firebox admin account with a strong password. We recommend at least 16 characters without dictionary words.

Do not expose Firebox web management (TCP/8080) to the internet via the Any-External source alias or similar.

If you require remote administrative access to the Firebox management interface, you should instead configure a mobile VPN and restrict administrative access to authenticated VPN users. If you cannot configure a mobile VPN, you can instead configure the Firebox Authentication Portal (TCP/4100) to restrict administrative access to “pre-authenticated” users as a form of mitigation.

Watchguard will update this KB article as their investigation continues.

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