How Can Clarity Help You With Remote Working From Home Or Elsewhere?

By: Bruce G. Kreeger


In 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, remote working had become very popular. Companies have been shifting their operations and allowing employees to work from home or elsewhere. The main goal has been to control the disease’s spread and maintain social distancing and minimize physical interaction. This has increased the number of those working remotely exponentially around the world. Even the largest corporations are promoting remote working.

When we discuss the terminology to understand the remote working, it seems similar to working from home. But working from home and remote working is different in context. Remote working refers to the continued operation from anywhere like co-working spaces, libraries, café, and working while traveling. In some other context, it is considered a job that requires movement, like salespersons working remotely. Remote working is highly encouraged due to the pandemic by using digital mediums like video conferencing and utilizing remote working spaces like Microsoft Teams, 3CX, and Zoom.

Employees and employers need to understand how remote working benefits and how it can improve outcomes. Here are the advantages that will help to give a better perspective before shifting towards remote working:

Remote Working Frequently Helps With Productivity

According to recent statistics, a 13% to 15% performance improvement is often realized after implementing a remote working environment. It gives employees a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in which to work; marked improvement is frequently achieved. People feel motivated and dedicated towards the defined goals to achieve success. Moreover, it is encouraging to work freely and with an independent approach in the remote working atmosphere.

Ensure Work-Life Balance

Remote working refers to the flexibility in the job completion that leads towards ease and motivation. It will allow a chance to enjoy the work and life balance in less time than moving to the office. The opportunity to work from home is good and gives options to explore opportunities and perform better. Other than the pandemic situation, the younger people prefer to work from home with a relaxed working atmosphere.

Flexible Working Hours

Working remotely may provide a way to adjust working hours according to preferences. Moreover, a person no longer needs to spend time and money traveling from one place to another that provides maximum hours to work. New parents, especially mothers, highly appreciate remote working. They can look after their children and work together in a more comfortable atmosphere. Remote working affords the ability to keep a room to yourself, comfortable, and with flexible working hours. You can define the lines between your personal life and work through the remote working opportunity.

Opportunity To Learn Something New

The beauty of working remotely is that a person can operate from anywhere without any significant restriction. It clears the way and provides opportunities to learn and explore things. Moreover, a person can investigate and learn more about new skills and get the knowledge that expands their professional competency. It is easier to find a way to provide spare time for family, learn skills, and spend some quality time in other activities with remote working.

Environment-Friendly Reduce Waste

Through remote working spaces, it is easier to spare time for yourself and your family. It provides a way to engage in other activities, reduce the commuting expense and lower your overall cost. A person may stay at home or other remote locations that help develop skills and offer a controlled atmosphere. There is no need to find transportation to move from point A to point B and back. Moreover, less consumption of fuel, electricity, and reduction in the transportation rush on roads.

Understanding Limitations Helps You Plan Accordingly!

If you plan remote work as an employer, you should be aware of the remote working limitation. No doubt it offers time-savings and helps with productivity. But on the other hand, remote working can give a person multiple distractions. It can be impossible to focus on one thing most of the time, and a person has to manage everything by themselves. When moving to remote working, it is essential to work with good communication between team members.


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