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Why Choose Fanvil Phones For Your Environment?

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

Under the slogan “Change the World and Move Forward,” Fanvil makes an effort to bring innovative technology-based products which have never been produced before. Fanvil is one of the global providers of IP telephone solutions and endpoint devices that are UC certified. To be successful, drive growth, and increase productivity, Fanvil keeps making high-tech phones. Fanvil understands there is no future without embedding technology in any industry, from educational institutes to the business world. People rely on Fanvil phones to improve communication within the industry, inventory management, optimization of the products, and financial-record keeping.


Regularly competition is growing among businesses around the world. It gets challenging to maintain a global identity which requires a smarter approach to doing business. Creative strategies, the right plans, and excellent technical equipment allow the company to fly high. However, the techniques, methods, and procedures are the responsibility of management and ownership. Equipment decisions need to be made utilizing the technology available, and these choices must be financially sound. Fanvil has never disappointed its customers, quoting one review here, “They provide everyone with the most innovative ways to bring business change.” Indeed, they do! Here are five reasons why you should consider choosing Fanvil Phones.

1. Fanvil Phones Are Easy To Customize:

Many IP phones used in the business environment cannot be customized. You cannot easily change the way they are set to work without prior knowledge of provisioning them. Fanvil has a wide range of options, and they are easy to use. Customizing them to your needs is very simple. For example, Fanvil’s X74 is an Android-based phone and has 112 Programmable DSS keys. These keys can be customized in several ways. You can change them as speed dials, recordings, busy lamp fields (BLF), broadcasting, and call forwarding. Fanvil phones are innovative, and you can use and change functionality simultaneously and make changes at any time. In the beginning, make things more comfortable as you learn with time.

2. Fanvil Phones Provide a PA or Broadcasting Solution

If your business requires a professional and efficient broadcasting or PA approach, then consider using the Fanvil PA2 Announcement gateway. Fanvil has the most innovative and clear broadcasting solution for your business to save money.

3. Fanvil Phones – Larger Screen, Different Colors, and Built-In Bluetooth

Fanvil stands out among others because of the available larger display screen. Some Fanvil phones are comparatively larger up to 3.5”. X5U, 16-line VoIP phone has the second color screen, which is 2.4” (For DSS keys) and 3.5” larger front display.

4. Fanvil Phones – Advanced HD Voice

The Voice quality of the Fanvil phones is incredible. The phones have been tested with longer calls and communication without any breakup in voice quality. Fanvil uses high definition (HD) technology to achieve this.

5. Smart Fanvil Phones

Since Fanvil came into existence, it has produced a wide range of products that vary in terms of features. Most Fanvil phones come with built-in Bluetooth. Some also have Wi-Fi connection capability so that they can be used wirelessly. Other than these useful features, Fanvil telephones are also available in various eye-catching colors – white, black, and red.

Fanvil offers you a much smoother experience with smarter tech-based devices. There is an endless number of reasons why you should go for Fanvil phones.

Clarity is proud to be a Fanvil Certified Reseller and to have been providing on-premise and Cloud Hosted Telephony to North and South America and the world since 2006. Our clients are worldwide and currently using our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.


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