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 How Can SMS Messaging Bring Value to You and Your Clients? 

SMS marketing is a type of marketing that associates short message service to inform the potential customers about the business individually. It is an efficient strategy that permits companies to send messages to clients through text. In simple words, we can say that SMS marketing denotes text messaging. In this way, you can keep your customers up to date regarding your products or services. SMS is becoming a progressively indispensable part of effective multi-channel marketing. Many brands look forward to target customers at the ease of messaging.  

Many organizations mistakenly consider that mobile marketing is associated with heavy investment in applications and does not permit targeted, personalized communication, and lacks robust analysis to support ROI. But the reality is different as access to mobile communications is relatively more straightforward than supposed. Accessing access to mobile users, including smartphones and non-smartphones, can be as easy and straightforward as sending a targeted, personalized text message. So now the question arises that how SMS messaging can add value? 


There are many reasons you need to consider text message marketing to communicate with your customers. The features of SMS messaging marketing are responsible for adding value. Following are the ones: 

1: Immediate and a direct channel for communication 

SMS messaging is undoubtedly one of the most immediate channels, and it is quite readily available. The read rate is ninety-seven percent within a period of fifteen-minute delivery. These statistics assure that your messages are most likely to be read instantly. SMS campaigns can produce successful ROI; forty-five percent is the response rate. Not just this, the success can further progress if it is combined with other famous and influential communication channels like social media or emails. 

2: SMS messaging is simple 

The SMS Marketing service offers businesses an easy way to connect with their customers. There is nothing that can be simpler other than sending a text message. Short messages containing incentives like coupon redemption, contests, polls, and surveys help smooth the communication procedure throughout the relationship period with the customer.  

3: It can integrate with other channels along with supporting 

It is of significance that all communication channels work well together to support the marketing mixs purpose, and that is why SMS messaging service should not be an exception. SMS messaging service is independently a great channel. Also, it can support and enhance other marketing platforms like email and social media.   

The best example we can witness is that they can serve as reminders by notifying customers to read an email sent by a particular brand. The simple question through an SMS, did you read our email? can contribute to increasing the open email rates by twenty to thirty percent. 

4: You will have the advantage to learn more about your customers 

The SMS messaging service is one of the easiest ways to get feedback from your customers through surveys or questionnaires.  Research demonstrates that, on average, thirty-one percent of consumers will answer back or fill in the survey forms through SMS. The average response time for users is over five minutes. It means that you can get good outcomes in less time. 

5: Increase in customer engagement 

You can easily enhance your brand engagements with your customers across the whole customer lifecycle. All you have to do is to think about it according to your business. Businesses should consider changing the content type they send to their customers. In this way, customers may value the updates sent by the companies.  Many consumers are quite familiar with the SMS form of marketing, and they do consider local services like hairdressers, dentists, or garages.  

6: Response data permits you to track, monitor, and improve 

It is a wrong perception that the SMS messaging service is an untrackable channel. The customers engaging identification through text message, tracking meaningful ROI, and monitoring delivery rates are all possible via SMS.

The¬†SMS messaging service’s above features¬†portray how it can add value to you and your customers. Businesses can generate¬†other goal-oriented campaigns and continually improve the understanding of their mobile database. This strategy will save money and will contribute to improving the ROI. It will also help¬†diagnose the least responsive numbers¬†and allow the company to target those customers through other communication channels.¬†

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