How Can 3CX Call Center Integrate with MSDynamics CRM and Help Increase Sales of Your Organization?

If you are a business owner, you know that answering your customers on time is crucial. When you respond promptly to the questions posed by your customers, they will be very pleased. Happy customers will likely stay with your business and help the company earn good profits.

There are various tools available that help you in managing your customers. One such tool that allows you to promptly respond to your customer is the 3CX Call Center. Another useful tool that enables you to manage relations with your customers is MS- Dynamics.

In this article, we will look at how integrating both these tools help you satisfy your customers. These satisfied and happy customers, in return, will likely earn benefits for the company.

How will 3CX Call Center Boost Sales?

Customers don’t care about internal business issues. The only thing customers care about is that a business responds timely to their inquiries. Whether it is a call or message on your business website, they need a quick response.

No customer wishes to wait for many days or hours without their inquiry being replied to promptly. Better communication means that there will be more sales with satisfied customers that will probably bring more deals. 3CX Call Center comes with various features that enable you to reply to your customer’s needs timely. Let us review some features that 3CX offers to enhance sales.

Call Queues:

The best feature of the 3CX Call Center is that it allows you to use call queues. Accordingly, your customer’s calls will be put in the queue, or in line to be answered, so you can attend to them when you or an agent is free from other calls. Accordingly, no call needs to go unanswered.

“Every customer response is a chance for a sale.” The call queue is modernized with the use of Round Robin or the Hunt by Three’s method. These features also allow your Call Center agents to respond to calls as they have availability.

Detailed Analytics:

3CX gives you detailed analytics to help you track the performance of every call agent. You can also analyze which calls went unanswered or which was the longest or shortest call. Call back stats, and real-time analytics are also available. You can use these stats to enhance and analyze your sales.

Call Recording:

When you are running a business, recording calls is very crucial. You may need them for legal purposes, tracking, quality checks, or other issues. You can even listen to call agents live to keep a check on your agents. Thus, they will ensure a better response.

Integrated with Apps:

Another best feature of 3CX is that it adds live chat buttons to your website. Thus, you can communicate with potential customers from the web. Connect your Facebook page, send text messages, or more with the 3CX call center to earn a better reputation.

How MS Dynamics increase sales?:

MS Dynamics is a great CRM software. It allows you to manage relations with your customers. The best part about MS Dynamics is that it works as a customized solution you can set for your business.

MS Dynamics alone is enough to handle your business needs. It enhances your marketing efforts to help you retain more customers. Your sales and marketing teams can use MS Dynamics to track customers and build a better business relationship with them.

There are certain features of MS Dynamics that allows your organization to derive better sales. MS Dynamics helps you foster leads, ease making decisions, and adapt to change in customer needs better.

Benefits of 3CX integration with MS Dynamics!:

3CX Call Center and MS Dynamics can do wonders working together for your business. Combined, MS Dynamics will allow you to know which customers need a quick response, and 3CX will enable you to quickly place that call.

Here are some critical benefits of 3CX integration with MS Dynamics:

Personalized Customer Service:

When you integrate 3CX with MS Dynamics, you can give personalized customer service. The 3CX and MS Dynamics integration will enable a good bridge between the business and customers. If you can use your software effectively, you can even keep records of how well you interacted with your customers.

Customers always love personal service. They become better satisfied when you care about their needs at the earliest. Accordingly, these customers will bring more sales to the business. You can track all the conversations and responses that need further attention.

Boost Sales:

CRM software comes with many modules. They allow you to track your sales and also notify you about any weak points. A business will work on them to make the company even more profitable. Integrating 3CX Call Center with MS Dynamics will have positive benefits on your organization’s sales.

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