Handsets and Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) – Clarity Offers It All!


By: Bruce G. Kreeger

Modern businesses need modern solutions. Gone are the days when businesses depended on only one voice transmissions. The modern era requires modern solutions, and Clarity offers them to all small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since 2006, we have partnered with many globally operating telecommunication companies that design and manufacture advanced, highly flexible, and versatile IP handsets embedded with the latest technologies and complex communication features. We ensure compatibility factors to unify business communications to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Below is a list of some of the major manufacturers that Clarity has partnered with to deliver the best IP integrated handsets and ATA’s to help our customers transform the level of communications and benefit from UC solutions:

1. Fanvil

Fanvil has been leading in the IP telecommunication handset market for several years now. The company develops superior VoIP handsets designed with upgraded touchscreens and interactive dial pads to deliver the best user experience. Enjoy color LCDs, DSS Maps, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi embedded technology, and hotspot connectivity features. The good thing is that the company offers a wide range of handsets ranging from entry-level to complicated phones to meet all businesses’ needs.

2. Snom

Snom is a German telecommunication company offering high-standard IP handsets to businesses and homeowners to enhance communication and deliver its leading, highly integrated software. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Snom handsets have gone through several developments and improvements. Snom now offers over 900 telephone settings and features to provide users with a versatile and flexible communication experience.

3. Yealink

Are you looking for something award-winning? If yes, then Yealink handsets should be your go-to option. In 2020, Yealink was awarded the title of the best VoIP device at the ITSPA Awards. The company is a leading entity in the global market for unified communications and collaboration solutions. Many of the VoIP devices designed by Yealink come embedded with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology along with HD cams that make web conferring and video calls hassle-free.

4. Grandstream

Grandstream delivers a complete communications solution to users looking for an all-in-one powerful phone system that comes with a user-friendly interface to make management smooth and hassle-free. You will enjoy everything from IP Voice and Video to IP networking, surveillance, conferencing, and more. Their devices deliver state of the art technology to maximize performance, productivity, and efficiency.

5. Htek

Htek is a Chinese company established in 2005. Htek delivers VoIP phones to users with that come embedded with advanced technologies, state of the art connectivity, enhanced communication features, and superb sound quality – all packed in elegance and modern designed handset. The new UC900 series launched by the company all you need to get started and make integrated communication systems a part of your business.

6. Patton

Patton is a US-based manufacturer and leading telecommunication company that is globally delivering to real-world customers with high-end, right-priced phone products to end-users. The company aims to keep transitions systematic and orderly by focusing on their customer’s needs and developing new technologies that drive the future while maintaining core technologies that can provide the bridge.

7. Cyberdata

CyberData Corporation is a manufacturing company that designs and develops peripheral devices for businesses’ advanced VoIP phone systems. The company develops products that facilitate migration from traditional methods to VoIP to provide high-end functionality to businesses.  A few of the company’s products are Paging Gateways, IP Speakers, and IP authentication devices. The good thing is that all products are cost-effective and easy to manage solutions, making them suitable for all.

Why You Need An IP Handset For Your Business?

Businesses today need to shift from the traditional voice handsets to IP integrated handsets that deliver state of the art, advanced features. If you are wondering why you need a VoIP handset and advanced ATA, then here is the list of benefits that both the technologies have to offer;

1. Low Cost-Per-Call

IP-integrated handsets use the internet to make voice and video calls instead of the traditional phone lines. The thing about phone lines is that they tend to cost a lot when carrying out long-distance communication. For businesses that operate nationally or globally, this can lead to high operating expenses, where IP handsets come in handy and make calls over the internet. No matter where you wish to call, it will cost you nothing more than a fast and reliable internet connection.

2. Service Mobility

With VoIP phone systems, you and your employees have the freedom to move around while still enjoying communication with the business and the outside world. There are no physical limitations, which makes it an excellent choice for companies on the go.

3. Versatility of Features

VoIP handsets come with a wide range of features and settings explicitly customized to meet your business needs. You can easily set up extensions, send voicemails, and receive fax as PDF files on your emails while having access to web conferencing and so much more.

Clarity is proud to have been providing one premise and Cloud Hosted Telephony to North and South America and the world since 2006. Our clients are worldwide and currently using our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.


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