Coming Soon, 3CX Version 18, a Revolutionized Phone System

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

With the advancement in technology and the rise in remote working, organizations today need technologies that make it possible for them to stay productive irrespective of their location. Traditional phone systems worked great back in the day when we only needed to communicate via phone lines. But those days are gone, and we are now in the digital phone system era, which allows the transfer of voice and data, video, and other application tools.

Clarity has always been one step ahead in the industry, which is why we realized the importance of digital communication and the transfer of data back in 2006. Since then we have partnered with 3CX. This unique software-based phone system allows you to enjoy remote connectivity along with a wide range of other features.

Our industry experience determines and drives our success. We are proud to say that we are the oldest 3CX partner in North and South America, providing advanced, tailored systems and phone solutions to our customers for more than a decade.

The good news is that soon 3CX will launch version 18; the updated 3CX phone system will open unlimited doors for our customers. If you are new to the whole cloud-based or on-site digital phone system, you miss out on a lot. So, to help you out, here is a detailed guide of what 3CX is and why your business needs it.

What Is  3CX?

3CX is a software-based phone system that runs on the SIP standards to deliver high-end functionality and reliability across all mobile devices, traditional handsets, and desktop computers. The software’s most significant feature is that it is compatible with most SIP phone hardware. It comes with its mobile applications for iOS and Android and a browser-based application allowing you access via the provided web-browser.

Furthermore, what makes it unique is that it can be hosted on both local and or remote servers to provide extra resilience to the users. Many professionals regard it as the most suitable IP PBX system for growing organizations in cost, productivity, and efficiency.

Comparison Between PBX and IP PBX

Users often tend to inter-user the terms PBX and IP PBX. But the two are very different in terms of functionality and usage. Let us go ahead and look at the significant differences between the two starting with understanding what both of them are.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. As the name suggests, a telephone network is designed to allow smooth and versatile communication with the organization. But in terms of technology, the PBX system is an outdated traditional system that only allows you to transfer voice and that too via the standard phone lines and stations.

On the other hand, an IP PBX stands for Internal Protocol Private Branch Exchange, which is much similar to the traditional PBX system but with an addition of the IP connectivity feature, which allows it to transfer not just voice but data video, and instant messaging as well. Furthermore, it will enable the organization to set up an unlimited number of internal and external extensions for enhanced connectivity. Plus, it is also designed to support the complex functions which aren’t compatible with the traditional PBX system.

Here is a table that differentiates between the two to better understand how they differ from one another.



Made up of standard telephone lines and stations

PBX system with IT connectivity
Allows limited internal and external extensions Allows unlimited internal and external extensions
Isn’t compatible with complex functions VoIP support and complex functions compatible
Supports transfer of voice

Supports transfer of voice, video, messages, web browser extensions, and mobile apps

What are the benefits of 3CX?

Now that you know what the 3CX system is, the next question that would most probably pop up in your mind is, why do you need it for your business? It is an essential investment for starters, especially if you wish to inline your communications within the organization and the outside world. The phone system enables you to enjoy digital perks, which benefit your business in a wide range of areas. Here is a list of the significant benefits that 3CX has to offer:

1. Easy setup & integration

Setting up the 3CX system is simple and straightforward. Unlike the traditional phone system, you do not need to set up physical extensions. Instead, all you need is a 3CX license, SIP Trunk, and an internet connection. Clarity can help you set it all up in no time.

2. Unified Communications

One of the major benefits of 3CX is that it allows organizations to unify their communication channels. Since the system offers much more than simple telephone calls, you can integrate everything from CRM management and web conferencing to live chats and mobile applications. All these features are integrated and available in a unified space where all can share them.

3. CRM integration

Businesses depend mostly on their customers for success, so setting up a CRM is essential for companies these days. 3CX allows you to integrate several CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management) into your phone system to centralize all customer data such as the contact details, company details, and history of previous interaction – all in one place for all to access.

4. Live chat

The live chat feature on websites these days has hit the market like a storm. It helps customers directly interact with the business without going through the traditional modes of communications. Furthermore, it is free of cost from the customer’s end, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales.

5. Security

With our new version of the 3CX, customers can enjoy advanced technologies that deliver enhanced security protocols. This means that you get to enjoy safe, reliable, and secure communication lines within and outside the organization. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cyber-attacks or your sensitive data getting leaked.

6. Cost-saving

A big reason why it is one of the best solutions for small to medium-sized companies is its price factor. The feature that makes it attractive is that instead of paying for the number of extensions, you have to pay based on the number of simultaneous calls your company wishes to make. Plus, using the online 3CX calculator, you can calculate the type and the cost of license that you need for your organization.

Clarity is proud to have been providing on-premise and Cloud Hosted Telephony to the Americas and the world since 2006. Our clients are worldwide and currently using our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.


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