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Virtual IT Conferences

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

As a result of the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic, many organizations plan to arrange their convention and conference activities using virtual platforms. These events play an essential role in the growth of a company’s reputation, engaging customers, or spread awareness about anything. More than ever, people are very aware of the advantages of web meetings and large event conferences, etc. This “new” way to meet will remain extensive for IT even after the pandemic ends.

The year 2020 has yielded to 2021. We are heading towards better treatment and vaccine, but the situation is still not under-controlled. Many event organizers already scheduled online IT conferences and meetings to keep growing in a usual manner. Clarity is an IT company. We plan to attend these events because we want to continue growing exceptionally and be involved with every new change we can learn about it. Following are some meetings scheduled for 2021. Please glance at them so you can prepare for these and many other upcoming events.

Meetings in January 2021



Date of event: Description
AMA (American Market





As 2020 ended with so many lessons, we have to start a new year with a lot of optimism. This online event has been arranged to help you understand new ways and strategies used to survive from a marketing perspective in this pandemic era.
The 46th Impact Conference




CMG’s international conferences have been the source of education regarding IT for more than 40 years. They can provide real-world training and knowledge relative to IT. It can give information about the scope of digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning in IT infrastructure.

Meeting in February 2021

Digital Transformation Conference 2/25/2021 This North American online conference is being held to invite business leaders to share their digital business innovation and transformation ideas.


Meeting in march 2021 

ISL Conference 3/6/2021


This conference focuses on strategies for student learning. Many professors, teachers, candidates are involved in this conference to implement new techniques regarding teaching strategies.


Meeting in April 2021   

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference




This digital marketing conference is held like a workshop that has free live sessions. It starts on Monday and lasts for half a week.

Meeting in May 2021 

Social Media Week 5/4/2021


In this conference, participants collect useful data on how new content can change market strategies. How can you gain the most from new users?


Meeting in June 2021 

Online Teaching Conferencing 6/21/2021


It is an online, face-to-face gathering of faculty and staff. It is the best opportunity to make a network with other workmates and share knowledge and information.


There are many more conferences planned for 2021. We intend to attend as many as possible provided that they stay updated on the IT department’s upcoming changes.

We Are Planning Some Virtual Meetings 

We lost many good opportunities during the pandemic, but our experts still develop many new ideas to keep motivating. At these conferences, it is impossible to visit with a salesperson, investors, and other leaders, but we can do it online. We know digital marketing has matured as has have plans and platforms for these meetings evolved in 2020, but we still do our best to catch up with those strategies we will discuss in these conferences.

Software Required For Virtual Meetings 

There are many available programs, apps, and virtual platforms for having online meetings, conferences, and conventions. The following are some useful apps to use for this purpose, along with a short description.

3CX Webmeeting:

Professional Video Conferencing that is simple to use. 3CX is a complete communication system that offers you integrated video calling. Utilizing this integrated calling feature means you don’t need to use a separate app for video conferencing. Advanced features allow you to view and control remote screens, share desktops, present on a whiteboard, chat, and create polls. There are no extra costs, no time restrictions, and no user limits. 3CX is available free of charge.  3CX Webmeeting is a great app that should be tried.


This is a top-rated and favorite user app. It is user-friendly with lots of advanced features. Unfortunately, users have to download the app to join the call. Zoom is one of the highest rated apps in 2020.

Google meet:

It is also a user-friendly app. You have to click one time, and you are in the meeting. The big thing is you don’t need to download any app; a google account is enough. Another plus point is that its bandwidth is the same for all participants, you don’t have to worry about the number of members, and distortion is minimum in this case.

Hardware Required 

You require a camera and a proper sound connection. For this, you need a phone or laptop to connect to the call, an excellent headphone with a mic, and you are ready to join a meeting.

Points To Follow Before Joining Virtual Meetings 

When you are interested in attending an online conference, whether it is a virtual meeting or in-person, you should read the emails in detail regarding this meeting because there may be some links to the meeting or login codes. So, it is essential to read the emails of the upcoming session.

Your dress code should be professional, and you have enough knowledge about the topic you will discuss. Actively participate in every activity can boost your confidence. In a virtual meeting, a strong network connection is an important point to be noticed because if your network goes down during the meeting, it gives a highly negative mark about your company’s reputation.

As we are going to attend these meetings, these points are useful for making a good reputation.

The Virtual Conference Is A Long-Term Movement 

By surviving 2020, we have also introduced ourselves to many new trends that can benefit us. When we use virtual conferencing as a permanent amendment, it can save time, money, venue arrangements, and we note that participation is increased.


Clarity is proud to have been providing on-premise and Cloud Hosted Telephony to clients in North and South America and the world since 2006. Our clients are worldwide and currently using our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.






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