How your Business can Benefit from SMS Marketing

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

SMS Marketing uses highly beneficial value-added services that are being offered by SMS Marketing Service Providers for every business. This technique is still underutilized and overlooked by a lot of companies.

Following are some benefits offered by SMS Marketing Providers:

Build Loyal Customers

One of the cheapest and easiest to engage and build loyal customers is SMS Marketing through which businesses offer promotions and discount campaigns to their customers. SMS messages make your customers feel appreciated by keeping them the main focus of your business. The more you offer, the more is what you will receive back.

Generate word of mouth

Using SMS to engage with your existing customers will drive new business to your company.  Whenever you have a new campaign offering or anything valuable to share with your customers, you can run SMS campaign from your CRM to your customer’s contact list which can be potentially spread by your customers to their family, friends, and colleagues. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and SMS plays an instant role in this.

Improve communication

Communication is crucial in building a long term relationship. SMS Marketing adds value to customer building relationships. SMS is a personal message from you to your customer. Some of the examples can include inviting them in a secret sale, a simple thank you message after the purchase, keeping them informed of sales/promotional offers, when their delivery is ready, the list is endless. SMS Marketing is one of the easiest, fastest, and most reliable ways to communicate with your customers.

Fast and Effective

SMS Marketing enables you to target a large number of people at the same time. SMS Messaging is an instant marketing tool, delivering your message into the hands of the right audience whenever you want it. Customers hold their mobile phones in hand, easy to communicate your message to them.


SMS Marketing is a reasonable method of communication in comparison to conventional marketing. SMS messages will help your business to fasten your budgeting belts. A lot of companies, public and private reduce costs every day by sending text messages instead of sending letters or brochures, making SMS an environment-friendly option too!

Integrate into your Marketing Campaigns

A crucial benefit of SMS Marketing is the potential it has when you combine it into any of your marketing campaigns. It is known that social media and traditional mediums of marketing are not always the most effective way to reach your customers on Integration of SMS with these other marketing techniques helps get the message delivered straight to your customers, ensuring that they know what you have to offer them.

Straight to the point

When sending a SMS, only 160 characters are allowed, this ensures that the message is clear and concise. Being straight to the point is crucial, telling customers exactly what they should know and making it an easy read will benefit both the customer and your business.

Time management

Everybody knows that ‘Time is Money’, with SMS Marketing you will save a lot of time, enabling you to concentrate on other areas of the business. It is a simple and easy process. With the scheduling component of SMS, you can simply organize your SMS marketing campaigns for a later date. This is a huge benefit as it allows you to manage your time efficiently.

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