How DevOps is Changing Software Development Landscape

By: Bruce G. Kreeger

DevOps is a culture and technique that brings development and operation teams together to accomplish software development. DevOps allows companies to create and refine products faster than they can with conventional software development strategies, and it’s attaining popularity at a rapid rate.

The following are the top five reasons why the industry is quickly adopting DevOps principles:

1. Small Development Cycle, Faster Innovation

With a combined development and operations team, applications are available for use much more quickly. It is important since companies succeed based on their skill to innovate faster than their competitors. One executive from Red Hat estimates that shorter development cycles result in bringing an application to market 60 percent faster than conventional approaches.

2. Lessened Deployment Failures, Rollbacks, and Time to market

One of the major reasons teams experience deployment failures is due to programming flaws. The shorter development cycles with DevOps facilitate more frequent code releases and, make it easier to spot programming errors. Therefore, teams can lessen the number of deployment failures using agile programming principles that call for collaboration and modular programming. Rollbacks are similarly easily managed because, when necessary, only some modules are affected.

Recovery time is an important issue because human errors and failures are expected. Recovery is much faster when the development and operations teams work together, exchanging ideas and accounting for both team’s challenges during development.

3. Increased Communication and Collaboration

DevOps strengthens the software development culture. Combined teams are much and more efficient. The culture becomes focused on performance rather than individual goals. When the teams trust each other, they can test and innovate much faster. The teams are focused on getting the product into production, and their KPIs should be structured accordingly.

It’s no longer a matter of “turning over” the application to operations and continuing to see what happens. Operations teams waiting for a different team to troubleshoot and fixing a problem is over. The procedure has become increasingly seamless as each team member works toward a common goal.

4. Increased Efficiencies

Increased efficiency enables to accelerate the development process and make it less prone to error. There are multiple methods available to automate DevOps tasks. Continuous integration servers help automate the process of testing code, lessens the amount of manual work required. This assists software engineers to focus on completing tasks that can’t be automated.

Acceleration tools are another opportunity for increasing efficiency. For example:

  • Cloud-Based Platforms based which are easily available and scalable. As a result, testing and deployment operations speed up.
  • Develop acceleration tools that can be used to compile code more quickly.
  • Parallel workflows can be integrated into the continuous delivery chain to avoid delays, the decreasing team waits time.

5. Reduced Costs and IT Headcount

All of the DevOps advantages result in reduced overall costs and IT headcount requirements. According to an Executive from Red Hat, DevOps development teams require 35 percent less IT staff and 30 percent lower IT costs.

Final Thoughts

The industry is enforcing DevOps at a rapid rate. Institutions are eager to take advantage of faster application delivery, enhanced innovation, more stable operating environments, and performance-focused employee teams. You need a technical partner who can help you realize the benefits. Our team of open-source DevOps experts can help you speed up application development and give you greater visibility and control across your applications, servers, and services.

Using open-source DevOps tools, you can take the power back from your proprietary IT vendors. Our DevOps technologies and consulting services give you freedom and flexibility, so you can scale your business and choose where to invest your resources.

Clarity is proud to have been providing on-premises and DevOps consultancy Services to North and South America and the world since 2006. Our clients are worldwide and currently using our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.


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