Kentix SmartXcan and people coming back to Universities, Schools

As you know that when the pandemic started, everything went into lockdown and people got stuck in homes. Millions of people got affected by COVID19. With other institutions, Universities and schools were also went closed. That was the first time in history when millions of students were out of educational institutions. Everybody was concerned about the virus. Nobody knows when the situation will return to normal. Times passed by nothing happenedpeople realized to adopt the new normal. Universities and schools decided to return to the normal. After a huge loss of education, students started coming back to institutions.

“Millions of students are returning to US universities 

Kentix GmbH, a company based in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, is a manufacturer of professional smart building security products for the physical security of business-critical IT infrastructures developed a product called “kentix smartXcan“.

Kentix SmartXcan is a stand-alone temperature measuring solution for use by businesses to reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases (COVID-19, influenza, influenza, etc.) in the public domain. 

Simple to use device requiring no operating personnel. Intuitive multi-point head measurement confirmed optically and acoustically within only 0.6 seconds. The whole process of approaching the SmartXcan, measuring and stepping away takes about 3-5 seconds. The LED bar shows the result directly with GREEN or RED. Depending on the setting, the LED bar can also display three temperature ranges, such as elevated temperature, fever or high fever. 

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