“Clarity as UCaaS Providers”

You need to consider all choices before choosing a business phone system. As the digital era is evolving exponentially, thus Hosted PBX is becoming more in demand allowing convenient use of telephone systems, aiding employee confidence, and making swift business interactions.

But what exactly is Hosted PBX, and how is it changing the unified communication landscape? To help you out, this post is dedicated in understanding how Clarity’s Hosted 3CX PBX which we call ClarityCloudtm is playing a major role in unified communication.

ClarityCloudtm at a Glance

Hosted 3CX phone systems are versatile software-based products customized to the implementation in medium-sized business settings of customized VoIP phone systems in the cloud. This allows extensions to make calls via the publicly switched telephone network or through VoIP Services. ClarityCloudtm is simple to handle solution that aims to reduce the company’s telephony costs by transferring conversations to the internet.

Why opt 3CX PBX For Unified Communication?

You get a full PBX solution with our ClarityCloudtm phone system hosted on our dedicated cloud that can have a significant impact on your business. This phone system is, indeed, far better than the traditional PBX hardware. It simplifies unified communications, calls, and can be used for video conferencing as well. All you need to do is decide how you will use it!

How ClarityCloudtm is Benefiting the Way Businesses Communicate?

To maximize efficiency and encourage the company to thrive, the ClarityCloudtm phone system provides businesses with the following cohesive contact solutions:


#1 Improvised Call Recording

Improve customer support by call tracking and review. On-demand downloads from anywhere.


#2 Perfect Queuing

Route calls to where specialize call queue strategies such as prioritized hunting, longest delay, minimal talk time, less response, hunting by threes, etc. needs to go.


#3 Efficient Clouding

The power goes out or the internet is down, it is not a problem! Continue to receive company calls using the cell phone app even though the office is having technical issues.


#4 Enriched Conference Calls

End up saving money by replacing the entire system of conferences. Simply enable conference features at no added cost!


#5 Highly Flexible

If in the office or on the go, from a desk phone, cell phone or tablet, the user can use the phone system!



#6 Advanced Reporting

Users can gain business insight with innovative methods for reporting. See where calls go immediately by scheduling an email with weekly call updates.



#7 IVR Equipped

Eliminate the need for a receptionist and provide automatic attendant functionality for callers with a voice menu updates.


The Future of ClarityCloudtm PBX for Unified Communication

To summarize, switching to ClarityCloudtm Phone System will replace conventional proprietary PBX hardware at a fraction of the cost and size while offering enterprise-style functionality. Moreover, resulting in:

  • Reducing the expense of contacting companies and genuinely globalizing business by using VoIP providers and bridging offices for free inter-office calls.
  • Growing versatility by encouraging workers to take their workplace extension everywhere they go with them!
  • Increasing reliability of Unified Communications features that allow you to set up conference calls in a couple of seconds to see your colleagues’ presence.

Clarity’s Vision:

Our primary aim is to help expand your business to the next level. Moreover, it enhances exceptional personal ties in the business. As, ClarityCloudtm UCaaS is your managed communications service provider, we take care of your communication system needs and let you focus on your business goals and taking care of your communication system’s needs.

Clarity is committed to provide our clients:

  • Best Customer Support
  • Most Feasible Options
  • Advanced Business Communication Features

About ClarityVoicetm:

ClarityVoicetm, by Clarity Technologies Group, helps you experience the advanced UCaaS platform. ClarityVoicetm is a joint communications mechanism that enables businesses to be available at any moment, anytime. All the company contacts have been made incredibly simple by Clarity. It does not matter if the organization is large or small. Unified contact from Clarity means that the company communications are preserved without any interruption.

Using ClarityCloudtm and ClarityVoicetm allows you to effectively connect with your customers and colleagues ensuring smooth interaction and communication, unified communication.

Clarity introduces ClarityTexttm

Clarity Technologies Group also brings our newest product offering known as ClarityTexttm which allows you to send single contact and bulk SMS text messages. This new enhancement allows you to manage your professional communications through our SMS channel maintaining privacy and separating business communication from personal texting. Clarity is offering Free SMS for our existing customers. If you haven’t tried it out, visit our website and sign up today.

Clarity is proud to have been providing one on-premises and Cloud Hosted Telephony to the Americas and the world since 2006. Our worldwide clients are currently using our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations


Call Clarity at 800-354-4160 today or email us at [email protected] . We are partnered internationally around the globe and we are open seven days a week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EDT. and https://dotmantech.com.

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