SEO Guide for Beginners Part 3

SEO: Design & Layout

Search engines are very smart, but they are software, not human being who can read the content of their interest. So, if you make your site too complicated, then the search engine is not able to understand the content of your site correctly. Lastly, indexing would not be efficient, that may result in a low ranking for your website.

Guidelines for Creating Web Design

Here are a few guidelines that you should know before designing a webpage for your website.

  • Some expert believes that keyword density should be 5% and some say it should be 20%. Therefore, you should go with the average, which is 10 %.
  • JavaScript drop-down menus help you to stop spiders from crawling anything apart from your homepage. However, if you are still using it, you need to make sure that you should include text links at the bottom of your web page.
  • Don’t put anything in the page topic which is not fit according to the subject of your website.
  • Try to avoid Flash, Splash, Animated Gifs, etc. Unless it is absolutely vital for your website.

SEO Optimization Techniques

Here are some important SEO optimization techniques:

  • You should research keywords related to your business
  • Identify your competitors, utilize benchmarking techniques and identify the level of competition
  • Add descriptive title tags for each page
  • Use appropriate keywords in your content and internal hyperlinks
  • Use text links whenever it is possible in the content
  • Obtain inbound links from related websites
  • Learn more and more about the search engine marketing techniques
  • You should avoid JavaScript and Jquery
  • Minimizing Loading Time
  • Avoid Extensive use of Images Organized Navigation
  • Try to use web search on your website
  • Implement an equality link building campaign
  • Continue checking of rankings/or targeted keywords.
  • Leverage Quora to Indirectly Rank Your Content
  • Implement a quality link building campaign
  • Continues monitoring of rankings for targeted search terms
  • You should always look for adding Quality content

What is a Black hat and white hat SEO?

Here is some major difference between black hat vs. white hat SEO:

White Hat SEO Black Hat SEO
White Hat SEO is techniques which comply with search engine guidelines are used to improve search engine rankings. Black Hat SEO is a technique which is not approved by search engines are used to improve SEO.
You will never be penalized or not have any risk of de-indexing of your site. This technique may ban your site, de-indeed or you may be penalized by search engines.
Focused on providing quality and relevant and highly engaging content to the users. Don’t care about the quality content.
It is an ideal method for an organization who are looking for a long-term Investment. An organization looking for a quick financial return uses black hat SEO methods.
It mainly focuses on optimum use of keywords in title, metatags, and body of content. Keyword density is increased to get a higher search engine ranking.

Important Black-Hat SEO Techniques Are:

  • Cloaking – Displaying different results to search engines and users with the aim of manipulating Search Engine rankings.
  • Bulk acquisition of low-quality links in a short period of time.
  • Repeated keyword in a blog post to boost rankings for relevant target key words or key phrases.

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