Tips to Drive More Sales using Contact Center Solutions – Part2

Offer Helpful Recommendations

Your customers are looking for a solution to their problems, and they often appreciate recommendations for products and services that can help. After all, selling is all about demonstrating benefits, not features, which leaves your customers feeling much more positive and confident about their purchase.

Understanding a prospective customer’s needs and challenges creates an opportunity to offer special discounts on products and to up-sell or cross-sell as needed. 

Improving call center sales, by increasing the average order value, is about matching every product or service with the customer’s situation and requirements.

Check-in With Your Customers

The cost of retaining a customer is far lower than that of acquiring a new one. Additionally, a returning customer is likely to spend more because they already know and trust you, thereby increasing the overall customer lifetime value of your business.

Use your call center resources to proactively reach out to existing customers to cultivate relationships, build loyalty, and generate more sales. 

Do this by checking in with customers on their recent purchases, making suggestions on other products or services that could be relevant to them, and offering incentives to place another order. Make sure your agent bases their course of action on the customer’s level of interest, tone of voice, degree of excitement, and the types of questions asked.

Minimize Wait Time and Optimize Process

The longer you leave a customer on hold, the more frustrating the call center experience becomes, and 75% of customers say it takes too long to talk to an agent. Anything over one minute is too long according to industry experts. Do not lose opportunities because your customers got impatient and hung up.

Instead, use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to help your customers get to the right representative as quickly as possible. And do not forget to analyze your data to identify bottlenecks so you can expedite the process and improve the customer experience.

Be Available 24/7

In today’s global marketplace, in which online business has become the norm, customers expect to get support around the clock. That is why an essential inbound call center sales technique is to be available 24/7. Make sure your call center is staffed appropriately to handle inquiries during off-hours and holidays to service customers from all over the world. If this is not possible, put in place helpful chatbots built with intuitive playbooks that will guide the customer to the answers to their questions or their needs.

Create a Healthy Sales Competition

Sales is a dog-eat-dog world, which is not an environment that everyone enjoys. It works because employees flourish when they are motivated to push harder. That is why a sense of healthy competition amongst your call center sales representatives is a good idea along with commission-based incentives.

Whether you create sales teams that compete against each other each month for bonuses, or you offer weekly sales winners a special prize, competition is great motivation to close sales. The key is to create a staggered rewards program where there are prizes throughout the year. In that way, you consistently and constantly motivate your sales team to do better.

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