Cellular Security Cameras

So, have you decided to set up wireless camera reception without using Wi-Fi or the internet? Maybe you have a distant cabin or barn to keep an eye on, on a site without utilities.

cellular cameras

In this post, we will show you what cellular cameras are and why they seem to be a handy solution if you do not have local network access. You will also find a listing of the best cellular cameras one needs if you decide to try its’ reception.

What Is A Cellular Security Camera?

If you are just a newbie in home security and automation, perhaps you have not heard about cellular security cameras yet. The most common cameras that we see on the market nowadays, are for people who mostly need internet access for data transfer to a cloud service for storing and analyzing video.

cellular cameras

You can even utilize them with an app so you can monitor and control the camera’s view right from your smartphone. But what if you do not want to use Wi-Fi for your camera and you still need a monitoring system at home? Or perhaps you reside outside of town where internet access is not available? Or you want to watch your barn, ranch, or another far-off property, but there is no internet and electricity?

This is where cellular security cameras are come in handy! Since they do not need a web connection, they are a perfect replacement for the traditional wireless cameras that need a network for monitoring. The only thing you would require is mobile coverage within the area that you want to deploy the cameras.

How Do Cellular Security Cameras Work?

These cameras work like your mobile device. The camera comes with a cellular module in its control panel so it can send video signals wirelessly to the closest cellular sites. Therefore, you must make sure that the places the cameras are installed have a 3G/4G LTE/5G network. Common carriers that provide this service include AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

The Pros and Cons:

Despite the perks, one limitation of technology is that it has its own flaws. It is up to you, the main user, to weigh the choices.

The best thing about cellular security cameras is that they are very flexible, you can install it anywhere, with or without a web connection. Mobile networks are almost everywhere, so it is easier to undertake monitoring at almost anywhere. The cameras are ideal for outdoor use also, especially since most cellular cameras are powered with batteries and even solar panels.

So, what are Other Perks?

Since cellular cameras are not online, they are safer from hackers (Note: There are also wireless cameras that use P2P, which also ensures high level of security). Plus, these cameras are easy to place anywhere and you can receive a livestream on your smartphone.

So, what are the Cons of Cellular Security Cameras?

If you are doing a quick search of the marketplace, you will find that many of the cellular security cameras are pricey compared to their Wi-Fi and wired counterparts. Patience and perseverance are the keys to search out brands of these cameras that provide an honest value. We’ve highlighted a few down below.

You might wonder about the quality of the video when employing a cellular link. It generally depends upon the brand you decide on and the speed of your cellular service in the area. Even a quality camera will stream poor video over a slow connection or have too excessive an amount of lag to be useful during a live-viewing situation. On the other hand, it is getting easier to capture high-quality pictures of criminals, so you do not want to ignore the camera sensor, lens, and compression quality altogether.

MOBOTIX M16 All Round Dual

True to the original – Weatherproof and robust. The latest successor, to our successful M1 through M12 dual camera models, feature interchangeable sensor modules as well as the latest MOBOTIX system technology. The result is a product completely unrivaled in terms of performance, functionality, and design.

  1. Mx6 system platform with H.264 and ONVIF compatibility.
  2. Recording on an internal MicroSD card (4 GB as standard).
  3. Integrated microphone and speaker.
  4. Integrated shock detector and PIR sensor.
  5. Wall or ceiling mounting (mount included with purchase).
  6. Can be easily installed on a pole with pole mount (accessory).
  7. Suitable IR illuminator (PoE+) available as an option.


Clarity is proud to be a Mobotix Gold Partner serving the Americas, with installations as large as a thousand cameras and as small as two. System survey design, installation, and implementation are Clarity’s strengths in the marketplace.


This coupled with utilizing our teams from the edge in, and having a structured cabling division, has helped Clarity stand out in the security, transportation, retail, and industrial application areas.


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