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App Development in the Cloud

With tech developments occurring in the world, it seems that advancements are endless especially in the app development sphere. Cloud-based application development is one of the hottest trends paced in the recent years. One of the most agitative things that cloud providers offer is the ability to build, test, and deploy applications using cloud frameworks. Developers are trying hard to keep up with the ever-changing demands.

app development in cloud

Benefits of Developing Mobile Applications in the Cloud:

Let’s take a look at how things are done when it comes to mobile application development. A team usually starts with estimating the project and analyzing whether they can develop it or not, and if not, a team needs to gain both the manpower and technology for the project.

While talking about cloud computing, it can provide a method where infrastructures are available to everyone who is interested. And if your business requirements grow up, the development infrastructures increase, too. You pay for the services you use. It’s a less cost option while there is no need for investing in in-house hardware and development tools. So, cloud computing is a cheap development solution.

Some years ago, it took months to get ready for a project, and now developers can start coding with some clicks. So, the core advantage of building applications in the cloud is its speed.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about hardware and software, infrastructure and storage, maintenance and other resources needed to create and set up the applications. Rather than taking care of the things mentioned above, the developers can focus on tech issues.

Things to Consider before Creating an App in the Cloud

Along with the bespoke benefits of cloud computing like speed, agility, flexibility, and reduced costs, there are a few things to watch out while deciding on cloud-based software development solutions.

1: Constancy

Constancy and reliability are the major issues to be considered when it comes to development in the cloud. The sad fact is that even using the biggest cloud providers, there is a risk that your application won’t be available 24/7. For example, Pinterest and Netflix were down because of the massive hacking attacks on Amazon’s servers.

2: Security

It is obvious that maintaining data and applications in the cloud and especially public ones has lots of hidden risks.  As an IT entrepreneur, you should foresee all the vulnerabilities and think well before deploying data to the clouds as they are prone to attacks of hackers.

3: Keep learning


There are many things that are new to developers necessarily for those who develop applications in the clouds. For instance, the configurations that you use locally are difficult to copy in the cloud. If it’s your first time of developing an application on the cloud, make sure to learn some new things like SQL, command line tools, XML, etc.

4: Restrictions on licensing

The terms of cloud usage are different from provider to provider. Some providers are very strict with the restriction like what you can do and not.

5: Integrations with on-site applications

It is quite a challenging task even for cloud-proficient developers to connect existing applications with cloud-based ones. As a rule, such issues occur due to the access failure. Cloud providers, especially of public clouds, do not provide access to cloud technologies, infrastructure, and other platforms.

6: Platforms for cloud app development

There are quite a lot of cloud service providers that enable developers to develop, test, and deploy the applications. These are the best cloud providers:

  1. Amazon Web Cloud.
  2. Google App Engine.
  3. Salesforce Platform.
  4. Rackspace
  5. Microsoft Azure.

Summing up:

Cloud app development is still a challenging task for many developers but only at its early stage of development. With time, it will take the application development market. It may take a little time to get used to special feature of cloud computing. But it’s worth learning since cloud computing provides much more benefits such as speed, flexibility, low maintenance costs, agility, and others. Get ready for the changes and improvement long before they occur.

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