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Thoughts Before Hiring a Web Developer

A web developer can be one of your most important hires. After all, that is the person who will design the online face of your company and allow you to interact virtually with your customers.

So, it is especially necessary that you hire the right talent the first time out. Otherwise, you risk affecting your business, as well as wasting time and money seeking a replacement.

Here are some points that can help in the selection process:

1. Small Project First

Although you might think you have finalized your ideal candidate, just to make sure you should give him or her a small, non-critical project. That can let you analyze the person in action and provide additional information beyond the job interview.

You can see how efficient the candidate is in delivering products and how accurate the final product is. Did he or she go above and beyond to get the finalized product delivered? How creative is the solution? How well did he or she work in a team and communicate problems and how setbacks?

2. Developer with Aptitude

In the tech space, skills become outdated every two years, give, or take. So, it’s better to hire a web developer who can adopt new technologies easily rather than someone who knows a specific technology now but may not adapt new ones coming along.

The easiest way to detect whether someone will learn well to change is to ask questions that will show whether a Web developer has a love for learning. For instance:

  1. What new programming languages did you learn recently?
  2. What is your go-to places for learning new tech tips and tricks?
  3. What are your favorite technology conferences?

3. Don’t ask Programming Questions

These are examples of trivia questions you want to avoid asking while interviewing web developers:

  1. Who is the primary creator of the Java programming language?
  2. In what year was PHP released?
  3. What is the origin name of the Python scripting language?

Such information might seem useful, trivia questions are often a terrible method to determine if someone is smart or not. This will single out people who can just memorize things.

As a rule of thumb while conducting technical interviews, never ask questions that can be easily searched for and answers can be found online. Rather, focus on open-ended questions and listen. What to look for is how much passion a candidate shows in their answers and how good they are in communicating and explaining tech terms.

Some examples of open-ended questions:

  1. How do you manage conflicts in a web app when different people are editing the same data?
  2. Which design patterns have you used, and in what situations?
  3. Can you name any differences between object-oriented design and component-based design?

4. Hire slow, fire fast.

Take your time when hiring, but if you realize the developer is not working out, let he or she go as fast as you can. An ineffective web developer can be disruptive to the whole team and potentially the entire project.

The fire-fast rule may be critical to follow in small companies where there’s often a feeling of everyone being in it together and forming close relationships. But don’t let it stop you.

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