3CX Unified Communication in Healthcare

An integrated communication solution integrates multiple channels into a single platform for effective communication between health professionals and patients, wherever they are. With voice, video and chat all integrated and controlled with advanced contact center controls, the right communication solution can increase efficiency, increase patient numbers, and determine topics. Also, it empowers doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to help to high-risk community members. So, let us take a look at this 3CX utility case.

Protect Patients at Risk:

Appointments and physical consultations, often referred to as telemedicine, are an excellent way for doctors to do an initial assessment of a patient’s condition. In cases where patients have easily diagnosed and curable problems, it eliminates the need to risk surgery and other illnesses. It is very effective and enjoyable for patients with an anxiety disorder or those who have fallen into a state of weakness. While video conferencing does not replace physical examinations, tests, and diagnoses, the visual aspect is a great help when having a telephone consultation and improves the patient’s experience.

Improve Efficiency:

Saves time and makes tasks work better. With online appointments, there is less chance of arriving late and more time to spend with a greater number of patients. You can conduct progress training in short-term common areas, deal with other patients, and have ad-hoc meetings. Patients will be grateful to not waste time on simple, regular appointments – they can stay in their office. Integration with software programs allows recipients to easily manage and update patient records, making meeting planning more productive with minimal room for error.

With built-in communication features, health care organizations can create a framework for communication that includes telephone calls, IVR menus and a strategic line to allow better patient care without putting too much strain on the job.

Lots of Communication and Screening for Critically Ill Patients:

Healthcare professionals feel that they do not get to see their terminally ill patients the way that they would like, a UC program like 3CX is the ideal solution. With more time and the simplicity to set up online meetings, it is easier to schedule quick appointments to see how your most vulnerable patients are doing. This not only allows physicians to elevate their caregivers function better but may also enable them to capture or prevent a critical development. In conjunction with the use of medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors, therapists and thermometers, physicians can re-evaluate a patient’s general condition, and determine if there is a need for more.

Increased Accessibility:

There are always cases where patients avoid seeking treatment or counselling for one reason or another. This is especially true for those who live in isolated areas or who are unable to travel long distances to get to a doctor. If your organization is easy to find, patients are more likely to reach out to you when they need help. In addition, online consultation with a UC solution that provides a web meeting allows healthcare providers to assess a patient’s condition and decide further.

Promote Patient Satisfaction Through Multichannel Communication:

Whether you are talking to patients, pharmaceutical companies, doctors or other members of the healthcare industry, UC’s solution provides multichannel communication that makes your organization more accessible. Allowing patients to communicate by voice, video, chat, or email enables them to choose a method of communication that suits them. Some patients may feel more comfortable talking about certain health problems from the comfort of their laptop, others by conversing in a video chat or over the phone, while others may require more face-to-face contact, so having more options for them is essential.

Broadcast Internal Communication:

Internal communication between team members is just as important as external communication with patients. Because of the multiplicity of health care situations, it is vital for the organization, and perhaps for patient outcomes. If communication should fail, even among just a few colleagues, it can have a detrimental effect on the whole organization.

With communication technologies such as 3CX, features enable employees to see who is available at what time, and they can call, video or chat at the click of a button. Additionally, with mobile applications and the web, clients and employees can access the mobile app from where they are so that they can connect regularly. A state-of-the-art software-based communications solution can help organizations develop communication strategies and best practices that include day-to-day operations and emergencies.

Cheap, Easy to Manage Software:

It is undoubtedly true that the most essential thing in any medical facility is it’s patients. Dealing with old technology and difficult to manage phone systems poses unnecessary difficulties with time and resources that could be reallocated. The 3CX is an open platform and can be installed in the cloud. There is no need for any expensive proprietary Hardware. 3CX can also do your hosting, taking away all your communication concerns. Easy to install and manage, employees can focus on the most important tasks, while your communication takes care of it. 3CX can also reduce debts by 80%, leaving you with extra budget to reallocate. Adequate budget allocation in a sector that is the lowest in the world.

This is a taste of the great benefits of integrated communications and health care available for organizations. Try 3CX for free today and find out for yourself how it can improve your healthcare and patient care environment.

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