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Mobile App Development Security Features of Android 11 Version

There is an indication about android 11 that it will be the most secure and best performing release. It’s been a roller coaster ride for Android app security over the past few years. From permissions issues to malware / ransomware to compromised ROMS. The developers have done a definitely remarkable job of keeping on top of the issues as they spring up, which is not an easy task. With each version release of the platform, they take massive steps to improve the security of the mobile app operating system.

The upcoming version of Android 11 is no exception. The developers have added new exciting security features and dealt with a few pre-existing privacy issues. Let’s take a look at some of the bolder choices they’ve made with the platform.

App permissions have been a sticky bit for security within the Android operating systems. Even though Android has seen huge improvements over this issue in the past few releases, there’s always room for modifications that is exactly what the developers have done.

1: One-Time Permissions:

With Android 11, users will be able to grant different permissions on an Only This Time, case-by-case basis. This option will pop up when an app asks for permission to access:

  1. Location
  2. Microphone
  3. Camera

If a user provides the one-time permission, the app will have access to the feature until the app is closed. When the app is re-opened, the user will have to provide access again. This feature is similar to that found in iOS 13 and should go a long way to shore up a straggling insecurity that’s been around for some time.

2: Blocked Permissions:

This version introduces a new feature that will block an app from requesting permissions if a user denies permissions two times. After denying an app permission twice, users will have to manually grant the app permissions if they want the app to function properly.

3: Overlay permissions:

One very critical concern on the Android platform is overlay attacks. An overlay attack has been widespread on Android and has one objective that is Intercept credentials for accessing a target application. Overlays fake popular online services to trap the user into typing their login credentials for a site.

With new and updated version, apps cannot directly take users to the authentication screen. Rather, apps can only send users to the level before providing access to the overlay. Because of this, users will have to then allow the option. Once you’ve allowed the app permission to the overlay, it’ll be possible for the application to then draw over the screen. That one extra step might avoid users from randomly giving malware permission to access their data.

4: Goodbye background location access:

Applications will no longer be able to gather information in the background. The only time an application will be allowed to collect information is when it’s running. This will help tackling privacy issues by placing the user in control of when an application can gather data.

Developers have until August to make sure that their apps meet this new requirement. By November, if any application doesn’t meet this requirement, it will be automatically removed from the Google Play Store.

5: Revoking unused app permissions:

One drastic change to the permissions system. If you have an application that you’ve enabled permissions for, and you don’t use that app for a few months, the permissions will be revoked and can only be re-allowed manually.

Additional security changes in Android 11

  1. Improvements to the Biometric Prompt API.
  2. Mobile Driver’s License support.
  3. Secure Storage to make it easier for apps to share data blobs.
  4. Expanded use of sanitizers to several security-centric components.
  5. Improved Call Screening.
  6. Introduction of the Gnss Antenna Info class for improved GPS privacy.
  7. Secure audio capture from USB device.

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