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CloudVoIPtm allows you to adapt your business communications to fit your company’s unique requirements, as well as those of your customer base. You can upload custom on hold recordings for callers that are waiting in call queues, integrate your phone system with leading CRM platforms and helpdesk software, and even send work calls directly to your smartphone with many other options.

The list of methods your business can communicate is lengthy. We’ve put together some necessary communication tools, crisis communications tips, and phone scripts to help you build your business communications playbook.

Communication Tools:

Business communication tools provide your staff with greater control over how they communicate throughout the workday. Allow them to work smarter with the capabilities that cloud phone systems offer.

Agile Method:

The agile method is traditionally linked with software development, but recent years have seen non-tech teams adopting the process with tremendous success.

The central tenets of agile methodology translate to almost every business setting, constant communication and collaboration, transparency with clients as well as team members, and the ability to adapt to any modification or updates on the go. All aspects of a project are categorized into sprints giving a strict timeline to each component to foster innovation and efficiency. Your team has a short stand-up in the mornings where every person covers what they did yesterday, their work-plans for today, and any blockers they may face. In ten minutes, your whole team has a clear idea of who’s doing what so that there’s no confusion and wasted time.

This project management style gives a highly iterative approach to client’s projects. Instead of trying to stick to a specific plan and getting tripped up by last-minute changes, agile teams can adapt and improve their project while project is on-going. While talking about agile tools, a cloud phone system is invaluable. It adapts to your unique conditions and keeps your employees connected via voice and video no matter their location while its costly features help you give better client service.

Conference Calls

We live and breathe in the era business communications. As a cloud phone system provider, we know the unlucky truth that conference calls can be the least fruitful minutes of anyone’s day, so we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to chairing a conference call and along with some tips on how to improve conference call efficiency and participate in video conferences like a pro.

Crisis Communications:

The mission “Be Prepared” isn’t just for youth organizations but businesses should absolutely have a plan in place for any crisis. Disasters happen, and the world keeps turning whether you can keep up with needs. You must maintain an updated crisis communications plan so that when an emergency arises, you can handle the scenario with open lines of communication to employees and clients. Employees can work remotely from a safe location, and customers feel in the loop and reassured.

Phone Scripts:

Scripts have come a long way from the canned lines of the recent years. Whether you’re configuring your voicemail greeting, auto attendant, or even opening a conference call, following a professional business script better modifies your business’s image. Tailoring a script to the situation or customer at hand produces trust in your company and your brand. It’s necessary that you make people feel valued, and a few well-thought-out lines go a long way toward that goal.

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