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Managing SIP Phone Service on an On-Premises PBX solutions – Part 2

4: Equipment

The “hosted” in hosted VoIP refers the off-site servers that power your SIP phone system. The SIP phone service manages these servers and performs technical maintenance on them. You do not have to worry about outages or hardware failures that occur in the equipment by time. Server malfunctions are dealt with by in-house experts employed by the hosted VoIP company.

Conversely, an on-premise PBX is your complete responsibility. If a server breaks down for hardware reasons or crashes indefinitely, it is your job to figure out what is wrong and rectify it immediately. Otherwise this can lead to hours or even days without phone service. Repairing these critical disruptions often need advanced knowledge of the machines involved. So, unless you hire a previous VoIP expert, looking unprepared is always a possibility.

5: Online Support Center

Your hosted VoIP provider maintains mission critical problems such as uptime. But the daily tasks of adding users, installing phones, apportioning features and fixing any technical bugs will fall into your lap. You are a capable fixer upper and you just require a few signposts to advise you through the process for the first time. This is the point where the customer support center comes in.

A support center is a collection of DIY help articles are written by support staff which guide through all the functions of the phone system. Written in simple technical language, the support center acts as a quick reference point for problems and questions of all stripes. Some providers also publish DIY videos for visual support. On-premise PBX infrequently offer such detailed support articles or customer care.

6: Customer Support Team

Most hosted VoIP providers offer a dedicated support workforce with phone hours. These support staff members are your allies. If something breaks down and the solution is beyond your skills, these fellow technicians will give seasoned advice on how to debug the problem. Many support operations are housed in the United States. They employ English speaking staff with a certified information of the phone system. Customer satisfaction rates for these teams are typically high and wait times remain minimum.

On-premise PBX does not offer a dedicated support staff. Problems with the servers must be dealt with by your team exclusively. This puts your department in an all-or-nothing scenario where the wrong move could disrupt calling for your company.

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