Website User Interface Audit

UI/UX design is no more a unique feature and competitive edge these days, it’s something necessarily needed for website success. A huge challenge most of the design-development teams face is a mismatch between their assumptions and users’ expectations.

You may think that users can easily make a purchase or change an avatar or subscribe to your newsletter but in fact they can’t. The reason for their suffering and confusion is in user interface design of your website.

Fortunately, there is a super method to save your online presence that is a user experience audit.

Website audit?

There are two ways to elaborate this:

  1. Website design audit is a process of assessing the efficiency of interaction between a website / app and the end user.
  2. The UX design assessment includes a number of practices, tools and methods aimed at revealing the bottlenecks in design and making improvements to modify the user experience.

Benefits of Website audit?

Even though almost 60% of visitors say that they will not recommend a business that has a badly designed mobile site. There’re still hundreds of thousands of websites lacking user interface design.

That is why we recommend conducting user experience audits on a regular basis to secure lots of benefits such as:

1. Conversion boom:

A conversion rate indicates a % of users who has viewed and want to act on your website. For instance, if you get 1000 visitors yesterday and 50 subscriptions, then your conversion rate is 5%. There is a huge number of factors influencing conversion:

  1. An appealing value-proposition.
  2. The mobile-optimized design.
  3. Intuitive navigation.
  4. Forms length.
  5. User-friendly call-to-actions.
  6. Valuable content.
  7. Good information architecture.

2. Satisfied users:

86% of web surfers visiting a website homepage claim that they wanted to see the info about the company’s products and services. If a visitor doesn’t get what was expected, the bounce rate rises and user’s satisfaction decreases. Often this happens because a creative design turns to be totally incomprehensible.

We recommend creating a vertical scroll, slider, carousel gallery and a menu behind the burger button which depicts user expectations. Remember that revealing the discrepancies between your goals and customers’ needs will take the burden off your support team, minimize the bounce rate and retain clients.

3. Better brand perception:

94% of users abandon websites with outdated web design. Outdated websites mean intrusive pop-ups, dead links, the overuse of parallax / stock photos, multiple fonts and brand colors. While some issues such as the burger button can be easily resolved, others such as mobile responsiveness require a complete redesigning.

4. Higher ROI as a bonus:

UX assessment almost always leads to maximized return on investment and ROI of user experience to be exact. All the following increase conversions and cuts down support calls: Well-thought-out user flows.

  1. Easy buying.
  2. Subscribing procedure.
  3. Visible and accessible CTAs.

Professional website audit coupled with the right metrics helps to identify user’s problems and map out the ways to overcome them. To sum up we’re confident that investing in website design audit is going to take your business to the next level.

When and Who should Audit?

The design process is cyclical, and every stage should presume user interface assessment. This does not matter that you are going to extend the functionality of your platform or create new user flow. Just do not skip the auditing step.

You can make a usability audit on your own if you have proper knowledge and skills. Otherwise, it would be best to turn to professionals.

Efficient User Interface audit:

To make the audit more efficient you should answer the following questions first:

  1. What is the purpose of UX audit?
  2. What is the value for the users?
  3. How can you evaluate the result?
  4. What tools and resources should you use to introduce improvements?

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