De-Centralized Managed Cameras

With Clarity’s technologically extremely wide MOBOTIX camera portfolio, you are perfectly equipped for virtually any video project and every requirement!

In a plus to the decentralized IoT camera program, MOBOTIX also offers the classic centrally organized MOBOTIX MOVE camera series. This includes three different camera types in different detail versions:

  1. PTZ Speed Dome cameras.
  2. Bullet cameras.
  3. Dome cameras.

These rigorously weatherproof and high-quality IP cameras are equipped with the latest standard functions of centralized video systems. Such as integrated infrared lighting, automatic day / night swapping with a mechanical IR blocking filter, Wide Dynamic Range and High Speed PTZ.


1: Vandal Dome:

Due to integrated IR LED spotlight, modern and compact standard cameras can reliably transfer images of up to 4MP even in total darkness at a range of up to 30m. The long-lasting metal housing and shock-resistant dome reliably protect the camera against bad weather, vandalism and vibrations.

2: Bullet Camera and Vandal Bullet:

By using manually orientable metal housing in the popular Bullet design, the cameras are suitable for applications in public areas even if increased vandalism protection is required. Weatherproof and dense network cameras with integrated infrared LEDs for day and night surveillance.

3: Speed Dome:

MOBOTIX MOVE Speed Dome cameras are perfectly suited for live monitoring of medium-sized to large areas both indoors and outdoors. These weatherproof, motor-controlled cameras are efficiently adjusted from the control center through a joystick providing a 360-degree view and a 120-degree tilt. These cameras also have a powerful 30x optical zoom.

4: Speed Dome:

Vario Focus lens can be adjusted very easily and precisely to the area to be monitored with motorized panning and tilting function. The 40x optical zoom and integrated high-performance IR LEDs enable necessary details to be captured clearly from 200 m away at an image resolution of up to 3MP. It can also work in total darkness.


MOBOTIX MOVE cameras have their own very easy-to learn and easy-to-use firmware that is provided with the camera and which can be easily operated through web browser. MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can also be integrated into various Video Management Systems by third-party providers.

Clarity is proud to be a Mobotix Gold Partner serving the Americas with installations as large as one thousand cameras and as small as two. System survey, design, installation, and implementation are Clarity’s strengths in the marketplace. This coupled with utilizing our teams from the edge in and have a structured cabling division, has helped Clarity to standout in the security, transportation, retail, and industrial application areas.


Call Clarity at 800-354-4160 today or email us at [email protected]. We are partnered internationally around the globe and we are open seven days a week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EDT. and

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