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WordPress Website Cost

Despite a good number of Content Management Systems existing today, WordPress is still the most popular platform for many many websites. It’s an exceptional choice for product marketing websites, landing pages, personal and blogs.

The combination of a powerful toolkit and easy-to-use interface is what makes even famous brands bet on the WordPress platform. Given that WordPress engine theme is free, it’s reasonable to think that building a website on WordPress is cheap too.

If you search something like “How to build your custom WordPress website?”, you’ll see an ocean of freelance WordPress developers and companies offering their services. The price tag often varies depending on where a developer or a company is located. For example, when we searched Fiverr and limited our search only to top-rated developers, we get several offers. The average cost to develop a WordPress website is $500-800.

Well, we really know that paying anything from $299 to $999 or even $2,000+ will get you a custom WordPress website. Yes, you’ll have a website when you a budget range of $299 to $2000 and onward. It will also look professional and beautiful. However, a professional website is much more than just adjusting colors and installing a couple of SEO plugins.

Don’t forget that a professional WordPress website design cost has a direct relation with the time spent on developing that website. Let’s say you get a quote of $2,000 with $50/hour rate. It means 40 hours of work and approximately 5 days. Custom design, development and proper quality assurance are just not possible to deliver within this short timeframe.

Why WordPress Website?

WordPress has many advantages that make it one of the best among available platforms. let’s look at some of its advantages:

1: Update your site:

If you want your website to bring you clients and generate sales, you will need to change it frequently. We’re not talking about redesigning the whole website every two months. What we mean is that you’ll have to update the information often like:

  1. Add new projects to a portfolio.
  2. Make announcements.
  3. Publish articles.
  4. Change the wording to show what you want to convey to the audience.

Once you have your WordPress website up and live, all of the above will be a piece of cake for your content manager.

2: Flexibility to implement design:

Most websites with the extra-ordinary and appealing designs are built with WordPress. The platform doesn’t have any restrictions in terms of implementing animations, funky transitions, or interesting drop-down effects.

It has everything compulsory from a tech perspective. It also allows you to build not just a one-page website but a bigger website with numerous pages, articles, news updates and custom posts for the portfolio if necessary.

3: Perfect for content marketing:

Content is the king or we would like to say content is the queen. Develop and follow your content marketing strategy and post from anywhere. WordPress allows publishing and scheduling your articles, share them to the social network and managing content activities of a team from the single admin dashboard.

4 SEO-ready:

Having Search Engine Optimized online presence is half the battle. Another thing that is necessary is relevant keywords. Distribute relevant keywords across your website and update regularly. Built-in sitemap, clean and well-organized code, excellent loading speed, high performance and optimized media are necessary factors in making it at the top of the Google search results.

5: Free and pro templates:

If you are on a budget, you can find professional WordPress themes and landing pages online through Envato. One thing to note that a demo theme usually looks fantastic and makes you want to get it right away.

Custom WordPress Site Development Cost:

The crucial factor that determines the website design is the business objective. A business objective regulates other factors such as website type, functionality, and design complexity. When we do estimate for a project, the first thing we make sure is the website type.

  1. Brochure sites (landing pages)
  2. Business websites.
  3. Big corporate portals.
  4. Custom websites.

Our estimate consists of WordPress design along with the development that also includes project management and quality assurance. Let us explain what are these website types is and what you’ll get through these types.

1:Brochure site:

It is simple type of website that will portray small businesses, highlights their unique value proposition, and drives interest. This type of website works well if you’re looking to sell digital products as well as provide an online presence for offline businesses companies, restaurants, Hotels, legal firms etc. This type of site can have up to 4 pages:

  1. Homepage.
  2. Services.
  3. About.
  4. Contact us.

Dotman Tech is an example of a brochure site that we have built to market our internally developed solution and make a digital presence.


2: Business website:

Business websites have more information than brochure sites and serve the marketing purpose of a business. They usually specifies detail the services that a company offers, display case studies and a portfolio.

Generally, it’s a website that has 6 to 10 different page templates, engages viewers with advanced animations and unusual effects and has a more creative design.

This type of website is best for marketing agencies, digital service companies, hotels or real estate agencies.

Professional WordPress development cost of a business website ranges from $1200 to $3500. For this price, you will have:

  1. Custom website design optimized for major screen resolutions.
  2. Page builder functionality in the admin to manage content and create new pages without hiring a developer.
  3. Integration of third-party services.
  4. Custom animations.
  5. Content migration if needed.

To be continued…

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