7 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) has become the technology of choice for SMBs (small and medium sized businesses.)

These days, VoIP is most often seen in apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Skype. All of them provide voice calling within their platform. People often don’t know that they are using VoIP which works by sending voice data digitally over the internet. VoIP for SMBs is not a new idea. It was first used as a technology for business communications. Since its inception has become the basis for reliable, professional phone systems that are often hosted in the cloud.

The mixture of VoIP technology with the power of the cloud means that businesses can access a huge variety of features at a low price. From synchronizing phone calls to your CRM systems to providing transcribed voicemails and detailed analytics – hosted phone systems are becoming the backbone of updated communications for evolving businesses.

With the ongoing PSTN and ISDN switch-off, VoIP is the true alternative to traditional technology. Here are just some of the advantages of VoIP and how they can provide benefits to SMBs.

1. Scalability:

As a business begins to develop itself, so does the request for a reliable phone system. As VoIP is designed to allow extra users to be added in minimum time, this means all employees within an organization can be connected to the business communications system almost instantly without affecting the existing network. This is especially beneficial for growing SMBs as it means as your number of employees scales up so can your phone system. This even allows employees to access the cloud phone systems remotely taking your business communications to the next level with the additional benefit of instant access to a soft phone.

2. Flexibility:

Allow your employees to be as flexible as you are. All of your team can send and receive calls via your VoIP system anywhere in the world with access to a soft phone as standard with most cloud phone systems. You’ll be able to access all the features of your phone system on a mobile, tablet or computer with just a basic broadband connection. Additionally, if you’re looking to open a new office or want to achieve a local presence in a new area, VoIP phone systems allows you to choose any numbers disregarding of your location.

3. Cost-effectiveness:

By embracing a VoIP phone system, you know your phone bills will stay under control even as your SME grows. According to a recent survey, small businesses that embrace VoIP systems can minimize the cost of their international calls by up to 90%. Making a call to an international number has never been cheaper than with a cloud phone system. The cost of connecting you is dramatically lower as the call is made over your internet connection. These savings can also be seen in national calling as well and all calls are charged per second not per minute!

4. Unified communication solutions:

Growing SMBs no longer rely solely on traditional telephone systems with the ever-changing nature of communications. For example, video-calling and screen sharing can be useful for displaying a product or software to a client while instant messaging allows communication between team members without pausing or disruption. The nature of VoIP consistent platforms means that business can integrate all their systems on one platform.

5. Secure:

One major feature which sets VoIP systems apart from the legacy analogue phone is the ability for your communications to be securely encrypted. Data and information transmitted across gauged analogue phone systems can be easily compromised. However, using VoIP means your data and therefore your calls will be digitally encrypted. This is particularly beneficial for SMBs with sensitive client data including financial services and healthcare.

6. Feature-rich:

Because VoIP platforms are necessarily software products, businesses can benefit from a vast variety of features developed to help all kinds of working practices. What’s more, as platforms can be modified easily, any new features are “pushed” to every client just like an update to a mobile app or website.

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